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Meet Sexual Sin with Truth and Grace

How to minister to people caught in fornication
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We must be careful to teach discernment in watching television, especially programs that condone sexual immorality. We must be careful to govern our conversations about sex, including dirty jokes. We must be careful not to indulge in pornography or sexually explicit novels ("girl porn"), magazines, and websites. We must be careful not to "uncover the nakedness" of anyone. We must not touch in a sexual manner anyone we are not committed to through marriage. Nor should we see the sexual organs of anyone other than our spouse. Finally, we must be careful to guard our hearts from the lust of the flesh. If one struggles to contain his or her sexual appetite, Scripture teaches marriage is appropriate, rather than burn in lust. It does not mean to burn in hell, another erroneously taught concept.

Celebrating Purity

I love to plan celebrations of any kind. Why not take the art of celebrating to the next level? It is victorious when anyone maintains sexual purity. As a young person, I was embarrassed because I was a virgin and I lied about it. I succumbed to the pressure of premarital sex so I could fit in. The world flaunts sexual immorality; the church should raise the standard of sexual purity.

We celebrate purity through accountability groups, social media blasts, award ceremonies, and conferences. The accountability groups are the first line of defense in overcoming the temptation to sin. Social media blasts are used to promote all kinds of lewd things. Why not use them for the opposite reason, and promote sexual purity? We can celebrate the beauty of maintaining sexual purity through conferences where we teach the truth about sex, dating, and marriage. Finally, the awards ceremonies should celebrate the single men and women who win the battle over sexual immorality.

Fornication is a sin and it was defeated by Jesus. Let us not leave this generation behind through the lack of teaching, erroneous teaching, and the failure to restore when they fall.

Domeniek L. Harris is a freelance writer, speaker, professional educator, women's ministry leader, Bible study teacher, and founder of By His Side Ministries, a multicultural, interdenominational, and international ministry for ministry wives. She is a co-laborer in pastoral ministry, and pastor's wife, at Bibleway World Outreach Ministries in Cordova, Tennessee.

October31, 2013 at 7:49 AM

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