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Sister, You Are Not a Mistake

The church needs you and your gifts.

And then Jesus continued to speak. “Let my daughters know they have beautiful feet. Let them know they are sent, called, restored, and indispensable to me and to my kingdom. Let my daughters know I have created them just as I want them to be. I don’t make mistakes. I see their suffering. And in the midst of suffering I am making something new in their lives and in the church.”

Sisters, you are too important to God and his mission to keep silent and be still. You are indispensable. I am praying that as the Holy Spirit speaks to you, you will be empowered to share Jesus wherever he has sent you.

—Jessica Leep Fick is a writer, speaker, and Evangelism Resources Director at Stonecroft Ministries living in Kansas City, KS. This article is taken fromBeautiful Feetby Jessica Leep Fick. Copyright 2015 by InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA. Used by permission ofInterVarsity Press.

October12, 2015 at 8:00 AM

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