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God Calls All Women

But we don’t all have the same calling.

To practice this theological truth, we must understand God’s loving message and posture of embrace toward all women.

  • To the single women: Your singleness is a gift from the Lord, even when it doesn’t feel that way. Be generous with your gifts, and treasure the time God has given you to worship him without distraction.
  • To the wives: God doesn’t just want to change your husband to give him a hope and a future. God wants to transform you as well. Look up in reverence to God. Watch and pray.
  • To the widows: God understands you have suffered an extreme loss. Take time to grieve and care for your soul, and understand that your loss is not the end of the journey. God still has a purpose for you, and he will comfort you and give you peace.
  • To the single mothers: God sees you! Like Hagar lost in the desert with a crying baby and no resources, God will provide for you and your children. Trust him and obey.
  • To the barren women: God is with you in your trial. He accepts you, and you will be fruitful for his kingdom. Throughout the Bible, God used countless faithful women—like Miriam, the prophetess Huldah, Mary of Bethany, Priscilla—and we don’t know if they ever had children.
  • To the mothers: You are not in charge of your children’s salvation. God is. After a certain point in life, you are not even responsible for their choices. They are. Model for them a life devoted to God, train them, and release them to God’s care.
  • To the women who work outside the home: Like Deborah and the model of the Proverbs 31 woman, God has enlarged your territory. Do not take your opportunities to influence lightly. Glorify God in your work.
  • To the older women: There is no such thing as “retiring” from God’s kingdom work. Run your race faithfully until the end. Walk, roll, or limp if necessary, but don’t give up on the journey! Remain faithful and diligent. Take women under your wings and be an example of how to finish well!
April04, 2016 at 8:00 AM

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