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The Tenacity of Women Leaders

Being a woman leader is hard, yet so many of you courageously live out your calling—and I’m thankful.

Two Things You Need to Know

As a result of our survey I have a few quick messages for you. First of all, we see you and we hear you. You probably don’t hear that enough, and we at Gifted for Leadership want you to hear that continually from us. We see the work you’re doing, and we hear the tough stuff you face. You are not forgotten. You are not invisible. We are in awe of the ways you’re living out your God-given calling.

Secondly, I don’t want you to walk alone. Many times, women leaders are surrounded primarily by men, and while we love our brothers in Christ, there’s great benefit to some time alone with our sisters. Far too often women get the bad rap of being catty and trampling on our fellow sisters so we can get ahead. Some women openly say they don’t like other women because they’ve experienced these negative effects (I have been this woman in the past). But one very important thing I’ve learned as a woman leader that was put so nicely by Robert Ingersoll is this: We rise by lifting others. (Ingersoll, by the way, lived from 1833–1899 and was an abolitionist and supported women’s suffrage!)

My prayer is that Gifted for Leadership is a safe space for women in ministry—for you—to be encouraged, hear others’ stories, find practical tips to help you lead effectively, and feel part of a movement of women leaders. You are not alone, and we want to help you fully embrace your calling and lead in the strength of being a woman. We don’t all come from the same denomination or tribe, but that diversity only makes us stronger. Thanks for being part of Gifted for Leadership. We’re cheering you on!

For an overview on what women leaders in the church face, read “Blessings and Burdens for Women Leaders.”

Amy Jackson is managing editor of Gifted for Leadership.

September08, 2016 at 8:00 AM

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