Band of Sisters

How I moved from a lone ranger to intentionally amplifying the work of other women leaders
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The scarcity mindset hurts women both individually and collectively. Those leading through this lens will hold more tightly to what they already have and eventually stop opening doors for others. Many women have experienced this firsthand in the church. When a woman with power shuts doors for other women in an effort to gain more opportunities for herself and solidify her position as a leader, she isn’t really leading at all. That behavior is about guarding what one has, and it stems from the idea that there is never enough. With this faulty mindset, the risk associated with sharing outweighs the reward of holding a door open for another sister.

Realigning Our Hearts to Abundance

Scripture shows us that God is not the God of scarcity, but rather the God of abundance. Everything is possible with God, and nothing is too difficult for him! Jesus multiplied a few loaves and fish and fed a huge crowd, a miracle so important that each gospel tells the story.

Thinking in terms of abundance is challenging when opportunities seem limited. It requires supernatural strength and the daily renewing of the mind. Though it’s difficult in our humanity to shift the lens from scarcity to abundance, we should not look at the “loaves and fish” of ministry opportunity and think, There’s not enough to go around! Rather, we are to look at what seems limited and remember that God is limitless.

Those whom God has called, God will use! It’s time for women in ministry to stand confidently on our calling and work as sisters to gain opportunities and a voice in a male-dominated field. Perpetuating the idea in conversations and on social media that there are too many qualified women for the roles that are open only increases our plight by furthering the scarcity mindset. Instead, let’s look together for how God is moving on behalf of women everywhere to fully use their gifts and fulfill their callings. If it isn’t happening for you right now, it’s happening for someone near you. We must think bigger about how God is changing the landscape for women ministers as a whole, and we must work together to change the conversation.

The Joy of Amplification

There are two ways to move ideas forward in this world. One way is to share and promote your own idea: self-promotion. The other way is for someone else to share and promote your idea: amplification. This may seem like a small difference, but the outcomes are staggeringly different.

April27, 2017 at 9:00 AM

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