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    • Haiti Faults Orphanage Run by Well-off US Church - ABC News
      "Haiti's Social Welfare Institute, meanwhile, says the orphanage run by Olde Good Things' owner, U.S.-based Church of Bible Understanding, did not meet minimum national standards during a series of inspections dating to November 2012. It found sanitary conditions were "terrible," and there were too many kids for the amount of space, said Vanel Benjamin, a senior inspector with the agency. They also found not all kids were going to school and the staff lacked adequate training."
    • Spreading the Gospel in North Korea
      Christian missionaries have set up an extraordinary network of front companies - including tour agencies, bakeries, factories, farms, schools and orphanages - in order to spread the Gospel inside North Korea (The Telegraph)

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    You Probably Love (or Hate) 'Heaven Is For Real' for All the Wrong Reasons
    You Probably Love (or Hate) 'Heaven Is For Real' for All the Wrong Reasons
    It's not a travel guide. And Colton Burpo isn't the first Christian to have an ecstatic experience.
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