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Leadership Journal On the Road

May 21, 2014 | The Harvest Show, South Bend, Indiana.

June 10, 2014 | The Leon TV Show, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

August 8, 2014 | Wheaton Bible Church, Carol Stream, Illinois.

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The Op-Ed (Oprah Edited)

Theologically edited java jacket quotes. That is all.
Getting to 'Aha'
Leadership Journal

Getting to 'Aha'Subscriber Access Only

Kyle Idleman discusses three phases of transformation.
The Gift of Gender
Leadership Journal

The Gift of Gender

It takes both men and women to fully reflect God's image.

Friday Five Interview: Drew Dyck

Do you serve a domesticated God?
Leading in Prayer
Leadership Journal

Leading in Prayer

Max Lucado talks about how good prayers shake the heavens and shape community.
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Drew Dyck

Organic Outreach for Ordinary PeopleSubscriber Access Only

A book review.
A book review

Meet the MillennialsSubscriber Access Only

Review of The Millennials
Review of "The Millennials"
The Red Bull Gospel

The Red Bull GospelSubscriber Access Only

It takes more than pizza and video games to give young people a faith that endures.
It takes more than pizza and video games to give young people a faith that endures.
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The Prayer-Centered Church

The Prayer-Centered ChurchSubscriber Access Only

What it takes to lead a prayerful community.
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