Died: Jürgen Moltmann, Theologian of Hope
A German soldier found by Christ in a prisoner of war camp, he became a renowned Christian scholar who taught that “God weeps with us so that we may someday laugh with him.”
Died: Lin Chih-Ping, Taiwan’s ‘Fool for Life’ Who Shared ‘Cosmic Light’ Through Eclectic Ministry
The entrepreneur and social services leader had a unique vision for sharing the gospel and reaching people holistically.
Died: Sam Butcher, Artist Who Created Precious Moments
His porcelain figurines sold millions while he built a church inspired by the Sistine Chapel.
Died: Marshall Allen, Christian Muckraker Who Held the Health Care Industry Accountable
His reporting was marked by a cheerful determination to uncover truth, which friends and coworkers attributed to his faith.
Died: KODA, the Ghanaian Gospel Star Who Sang Hits Rebuking Pastors
The highlife musician challenged the materialism and extortion he encountered too often in the church.
Died: Nguyen Quang Trung, Mennonite Who Led Church Through Dark Days in Vietnam
From 1978 to 2008, he fought for legal recognition and freedom to worship for the Anabaptist denomination.
Died: Gospel for Asia Founder Athanasius Yohannan
The champion of “native missions” trained more than 100,000 evangelists but got in trouble for financial mismanagement.
Died: Ferdie Cabiling, Philippines’ ‘Running Pastor’
One of the founding leaders of Victory megachurch, he never stopped running to share the gospel.
Died: Beverly LaHaye, Pastor’s Wife Who Led Religious Right
The founder of Concerned Women for America was credited by President Ronald Reagan with “changing the face of American politics.”
Died: Joseph Kayo, the Kenyan Leader Who Revolutionized Worship in East Africa
His Pentecostalism put him at odds with many but the Deliverance Church founder stood firm in his convictions “to bring back the glory of God back to the Church in these last days.”
Died: Sandra Crouch, Gospel Artist Who Broke with Church to Get Ordained
She won a Grammy for “We Sing Praises,” collaborated with her brother Andraé on “Jesus Is the Answer,” and worked with everyone from Billy Graham to Michael Jackson.
Died: Michael Knott, Christian Alternative Musician Who Helped Launch Tooth & Nail
Knott wrote rock operas, sang with honesty and conviction, called out hypocrites, and bucked the norms of the Christian music industry.
Died: Joel Belz, Founder of World Magazine
A “newspaper man at heart,” he believed Christians needed “sound journalism, grounded in facts and biblical truth.”
Died: Letha Dawson Scanzoni, Who Argued Feminism Is Biblical
The author of All We’re Meant to Be faced serious backlash over egalitarian reading of Scripture and her support for LGBTQ affirmation.
Died: Chungthang Thiek, Pastor of Manipur’s Prayer Movement
The Indian evangelical leader sought a space in the hills where people “could commune with God without interruption.”
Died: Donald Wildmon, Champion of Christian Boycotts
The Methodist minister and founder of American Family Association mobilized believers to exert economic influence on major corporations.
Died: Frank Borman, Apollo 8 Astronaut Who Broadcast Genesis from Space
Commander of first lunar flight was moved by the sight of “the good earth.”
Died: Loren Cunningham, Who Launched Millions on Short-Term Missions
YWAM founder saw “waves” of young people carrying the gospel to every nation.
Died: ‘Jesus Calling’ Devotional Author Sarah Young
The missionary wife’s “listening prayers” comforted and inspired millions.
Died: Carmel Jones, Black Banker for British Pentecostals
With a vision of Jesus, he started a credit union that enabled dozens of churches to buy buildings.

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Paternity Leave Made Me a Better Christian Dad
Paternity Leave Made Me a Better Christian Dad
Time off at the very beginning helps fathers prepare to bring up their children in the “discipline and instruction of the Lord.”

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