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Overcoming Gender Bias

Melinda Gates on how to be a successful woman leader

How might you gather with other women leaders in your church for this kind of support? If there aren’t many women leaders at your church, I’ll bet you’ll find women at other local churches or in area ministries who are in the same boat as you. Gender bias is a real struggle women leaders face, whether it’s subtle or overt. Can you imagine the power of women leaders coming together to share openly their struggles, hopes, and needs? Rather than simply lament not having community like that, do what Gates suggests: “look for it and build it around you.” Your leadership, your ministry, and those you lead will be better for it.

To learn more about our conversation with Melinda Gates, read this article.

Amy Jackson is managing editor of Gifted for Leadership, SmallGroups.com, and Christian Bible Studies.

October27, 2016 at 8:00 AM

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