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'Homeless Chic' and the Homeless

Sep 30 2009
Does the 'poorgeoisie' fashion trend trivialize a serious reality?

One million children in the U.S. currently face homelessness, and one of the fastest growing segments among the homeless is families with children. Despite these alarming statistics, it's the fashion industry's fixation with "homeless chic" that has sparked the ...

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Does Religiosity Encourage Teen Pregnancy?

Sep 28 2009
An interview with Joseph Strayhorn, the co-author of "Religion and Teen Pregnancy Rates."

Some social liberals used a recently published study in Reproductive Health that found a strong link between high religiosity and teen pregnancy rates to further their case for why abstinence-only sex education doesn't work.

Double XX, Mother Jones, Bonnie Erbe ...

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Snakes, Spiders, and the Science of Gender

Sep 25 2009
Why do women tend to be more afraid of creepy crawlies than men?

My toddler son is taking a class this fall about bugs. "Learn about insects and their important role in our environment and everyday lives through stories, crafts and games," the brochure boasts. "Great class for boys and girls!"

As long as I don't have to be one ...

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A Good Man Is Hard to Find

Sep 23 2009
Early marriage sounds great—as long as there are mature Christian men willing to initiate.

If you thought navigating the 20-something dating and marriage scene wasn't complicated enough, former President Bush speechwriter and Washington Post columnist Michael Gerson just put his oar in.

In an argument similar to Mark Regnerus's cover story ...

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In the Loop: Christians in Court, Women in the Army, and Writing on Faith

Sep 22 2009
What the women's blog editors are reading today.

Rifqa Bary's case returns to court

The case of Rifqa Bary, a teenage girl who fled from Ohio to Florida because she believed her Muslim family would kill her for converting to Christianity, returned to court yesterday. Judge Daniel Dawson ruled that Rifqa can remain ...

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Keri Wyatt Kent: The Priority of Neighbor-Love

Sep 21 2009
The spiritual-formation expert says justice is really about becoming more like Jesus.

Keri Wyatt Kent, a Chicago-based author known for herwriting on spiritual formation, wants her most recent book, Simple Compassion, to connect readers' inner world to the larger world and its need for justice seekers. In each of the book's 52 devotions, Kent provides ...

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U.K. Christian Says Yes to Abstinence, No to Gardasil

Sep 18 2009
Should women like Simone Davis be required to take STD-preventing shots if they are not having sex?

Simone Davis, a 17-year-old British immigrant and devout Christian, will be denied U.S. citizenship unless she agrees to a new immigration requirement that she be vaccinated with Gardasil, a compound that targets human papillomavirus (HPV), which can cause cervical ...

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Anne Graham Lotz, the Church, and Me

Sep 17 2009
Like Lotz, I've never doubted faith in Christ, but I have mightily doubted the goodness of church.

Renowned evangelist Anne Graham Lotz recently told Amy Sullivan at Time magazine, "Religion can be one of the greatest impediments to finding God." Newsweektook that as Billy Graham's daughter "slamming" churches. Actually, I think Lotz is expressing the difference ...

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In the Loop: Pre-Sex Prayer, More Women Pastors, and Father-Daughter Baseball Bonding

Sep 17 2009
What the women's blog editors are reading today.

'Strong Link' Between Religious Beliefs and Teen Birth Rates

A new study published in Reproductive Health demonstrates that states with "increased religiosity" tend to have the highest teen birth rates. In order to determine religiosity, researchers averaged the ...

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Adoption: Single Christians Need Not Apply

Sep 16 2009
When there are 132 million orphans in the world, should unmarrieds really be discouraged from reaching out to them?

National Adoption Month is coming up, and churches are mobilizing like never before to encourage people to adopt. But there is a secret underneath it all: Single Christians need not apply.

When I was considering adopting my daughter, one of the most disheartening ...

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In the Loop: The Women's Blog News Roundup

Sep 14 2009
What the women's blog editors are reading today.

"In the Loop," a new feature at the CT women's blog, is designed to keep you on top of the news cycle throughout your week. Handpicked by the blog's editors, these stories are ones we suspect will be of particular interest to evangelical women. Stay tuned as our ...

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The Confusing Case of Caster Semenya

Sep 11 2009
The South African runner may lose her gold medal after gender test results are released.

What might have been weeks of celebration have become ones of public scrutiny for Caster Semenya, the South African runner who won the women's 800 meter final at the World Athletics Championship August 19. Due to Semanya's 8-second gain over her time in 2008, ...

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The Case for Male Circumcision

Sep 10 2009
Why the arguments from sentiment and sexual pleasure don't cut it for me.

What mother hasn't, in the halcyon days after the birth of a son, felt her ferocious she-wolf instincts kick in when it comes time for her boy to be circumcised? Having perhaps suffered violence to her genitals during the birth, the physical ache to all that is ...

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The President's Speech and Parental Rights

Sep 9 2009
To what extent should the government shape children's beliefs?

Children in many U.S. schools yesterday heard President Obama exhort the values of hard work and personal responsibility in his back-to-school address. Reformed pastor John Piper of Bethlehem Baptist Church praised the speech as "a wonderful gift of common grace ...

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Top 10 Posts of the Last 30 Days

Sep 8 2009
If you didn't catch them the first time, here are the most popular posts from August.

Welcome back to Her.meneutics after what was hopefully a restful Labor Day weekend for you and yours! If you didn't catch them the first time, here's a round-up of the most popular posts from August. In the month ahead, look for an interview with Keri Wyatt Kent, ...

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