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  • Oct 14

    Recent Books: 14 Oct 2021

    Books in the News

    A new series here at CT’s Jesus Creed – recent books that have crossed my desk.

    Joel Looper examines the question “What did DB think of the American church?” in his new book Bonhoeffer’s America: A Land ...

  • Six Reasons to Finish Your Education

    By Jeffry Blair, a Northern Seminary DMin graduate and pastor. He was asked by a group of leaders to advise them on how to finish seminary while in ministry and Jeff puts together a wise presentation for all of us.

    I want to encourage ...

  • Oct 11

    I Am Nicodemus

    I Am Nicodemus

    I just realized in my 41st year of life, in my 21st year of intentionally following Jesus, and in my 11th year as a lead pastor of a church that…I am Nicodemus. And I’m not alone. Here’s the familiar story:

    Now there ...
  • Oct 9

    Diluting the Medicine

    Not too long ago, a pharmacist in Nashville was arrested for diluting cancer drugs while still charging full price for the prescription. Local doctors would phone in their patient's prescriptions and this pharmacy would mix the ...

  • Oct 1

    Sticks and Stones

    Sticks and Stones

    “Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” So goes the popular rhyme parents tell their children when some other child has said something hateful on the playground. Words, we’re led to ...

  • If you’ve seen my Seminary Now courses on Jesus & the Gospels and Paul & Judaism, now’s a great time to subscribe before their Fall sale ends Sept 30!

    Like Netflix or MasterClass, you can subscribe to get unlimited ...

  • Sep 24

    Out of the Overflow

    Out of the Overflow

    Out of the Overflow, Mike Glenn

    If you work on the staff of Brentwood Baptist Church, you are subjected to several requirements and expectations. They are all written down and given to you during your on-boarding process. Most are ...

  • Sep 17

    No One Likes the Product

    No One Likes the Product

    There is a story that is often told at business conferences about a dog food company that needed to improve sales. The CEO of the company called a meeting, and the problem of declining sales was analyzed by various consultants and ...

  • Victim-centric and Pastoral Authority

    Reposted from my Substack newsletter

    I have been asked by a number of church leaders if the approach we are advocating for an approach to allegations, which we call survivor-sensitive or survivor-centric or trauma-sensitive etc, diminishes ...

  • Sep 10

    Asking the Wrong Questions

    A recent jobs report revealed an interesting discrepancy in the labor market of the United States. According to the report, there are 10 million job openings and 8.4 million people without a job. Did we read that right? We have 1.6 ...