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  • This post is by my friend, Mike Glenn, and I want to honor him publicly here (and hope you do too) for his rich years of ministry at Brentwood Baptist. Mike is wise and this post will be beneficial to many.

    You never want to be the ...

  • My grandson is two years old and, as an energetic two-year-old, he's learning to speak. Every day, he picks up new words and uses them in creative, and sometimes, hilarious ways. Funny, but the first word he learned was "no." ...

  • Why Artificial Intelligence Will Never Write a Decent Sermon

    The other day Darrel, my resident computer guru and social media ninja, waved me into his office. “Look at this,” he said, pointing to his computer screen. On the screen was a sermon manuscript written by me - or, rather, ...

  • Dec 23

    When 1948 Was the Sign of Signs

    When 1948 Was the Sign of Signs

    1948 loomed large when I was a teenager. Here’s why:

    On May 14, 1948, in Tel Aviv, Jewish Agency Chairman David Ben-Gurion proclaims the State of Israel, establishing the first Jewish state in 2,000 years. Ben-Gurion became Israel’s ...
  • Like most of us, I've read the Christmas story a thousand times. I have studied and translated the first two chapters of Matthew and Luke. I've supplemented these readings by seeking to understand how Israel's understanding ...

  • Dec 5

    Jesus Creed Books of the Year

    Somewhere between 200-300 books cross my desks per year. From these I select books that strike a chord in me or must be read because of my writing or teaching. Each year then I select one as the Jesus Creed (or Tov Unleashed) Book ...

  • Dec 2


    Several years ago, my twin sons asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I told them that they couldn't get me what I wanted. I looked at them, with a more serious tone than they intended the conversation to have, and told them, ...

  • Black Friday Sale at Seminary Now – Buy One, Give One, only $120 This holiday season, take advantage of a special offer from Seminary Now, the on-demand streaming platform with exclusive video courses from New Testament scholars ...

  • Nov 18

    Showing Up Isn't Enough

    Showing Up Isn't Enough

    Last week’s blog, “Preaching to Unbelievers,” prompted a little discussion between Scot and me. If we are in fact preaching to unbelievers, then what should we do about it? When I told Scot that he had given me a ...

  • Nov 11

    Preaching to Unbelievers

    I’ve noticed a recurring topic in my conversations with other pastors. For some reason - and maybe it’s my gray hair or the fact that I’ve been serving at my current position for over thirty years - other pastors, ...

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