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  • Jul 23

    The Discipleship Drill

    The Discipleship Drill

    When we talk about discipleship in the local church, here's what comes to mind for most people. They'll get together with a group of friends. They'll talk about their jobs, families and favorite sports ...

  • Jul 19

    Jesus and Our Wounded Survivors

    Jesus and Our Wounded Survivors

    Many have said a society’s measure is how it treats the poor, or the “least of these,” or the marginalized. The prophets measured ancient Israel by how it treated the widows and orphans and foreign residents (often ...

  • Things Will Never Be Normal — And That’s OK

    Like most areas of our country, middle Tennessee is crawling out from under COVID-19 restrictions and inching our way back to some kind of normalcy. Some have thrown caution to the wind by fully engaging in their pre-covid habits. ...

  • Jul 10

    Interview: Lamenting for Father

    Lament for a Father: The Journey to Understanding and Forgiveness

    By David George Moore

    Marvin Olasky has lived many lives: professor of journalism at the University of Texas (Austin) for twenty-five years, author of nearly thirty books, ...

  • During his inauguration speech on January 20, 1961, John F. Kennedy confronted his fellow citizens with one of the greatest challenges ever spoken by a president. “And so,” he said, "my fellow Americans: ask not what ...

  • A Survivor-Sensitive Approach to Allegations

    Survivor-Sensitive Approach to Handling Allegations

    Pastors, priests, churches, congregants, leaders, volunteers, staff etc too often do not respond properly to allegations against church officials and others in the church. The recent ...

  • Jul 3

    Weekly Meanderings, 3 July 2021

    Links across the webs
    Weekly Meanderings, 3 July 2021

    Good morning!

    Listen up, Kansas City!

    (NEXSTAR) – A new ranking of the best “BBQ cities” in America has determined the country’s premiere destinations for quality ‘cue.The study, conducted by LawnStarter, ...
  • A Little Heartache Everyday

    If you come to the campus of Brentwood Baptist Church in Brentwood, Tennessee, you'll notice some new construction at the southeast corner of our campus. The building under construction is the Rowen Glenn Center for Special Needs. ...

  • Jun 29

    A Time for Lament

    Grieving, lamenting, feeling

    My friend messaged me to check on me. He knows that I came out of a severely abusive Christian family, but he had gotten a sense from something I had written on-line that I was discouraged. That was true; I was discouraged. The pain ...

  • Jun 26

    Weekly Meanderings, 26 June 2021

    Links across the webs
    Weekly Meanderings, 26 June 2021

    Good morning, friends! Don’t ask how long we have been doing these Meanderings, but we seem to come up with some links each week.

    I have often mentioned here that I don’t find these links by myself and often don’t ...