February 2012

5 Types of Critics in Your Church

And how to handle them

No matter how far up the ladder of ministry you climb, you will always find those eager to analyze and judge your work. So how do you respond?

Maybe whenever you see one of your critics coming, your palms begin sweating. The hairs on the back of your neck may stand straight in a salute. Your eyes focus on every object in the room and rest on the chemical storage closest—perfect! ...

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Is It God’s Will?

The Leader and Decision-Making

As a leader—of myself, of my children, of a ministry—I find no greater source of angst than making difficult decisions. I wonder and pray and talk with others about whether or not plan A or plan B or starting this and quitting that is "God's will."

The phrase itself has become so overused—and misused—that I wonder if "God's will" is just "the best plan I could think of" dressed ...

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How Women Are Uniquely Gifted for Leadership

We are specially equipped for ministry.

As I duck out of sight of the gathering congregation, the church's AV guy hands me a clip-on microphone. Patting myself around the waist and hip region, what I already know will be the case is confirmed: my lady clothes (ironically worn just for pulpit occasions like this one) have no belt, waistband, or pocket on which to latch or in which to drop the microphone's ...

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Exciting News for eReaders

It’s a new day for book lovers

"I don't think I'm going to buy this book. I don't want it taking up space in our house."

You never would have heard me say that two years ago. I'm a book lover. I love books for how they help me learn, explore the world, consider ideas, discover new places, get inside the minds of people, and better understand my own mind. I love them for their potential—when I look at a book, ...

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Leadership, the AA Way

Getting real and leading authentically

I used to think Alcoholics Anonymous was all stale prayers and smoky church basements. I considered myself a distant admirer of the program, but even as a counselor, I didn't want to get too close. AA was a good idea for some people, but surely it wasn't relevant to my busy life of "making a difference" in women's ministry.

Last summer my stereotypes ...

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