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Spring 2013: Money

volume 34, Issue 2

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From The Editor

One Scale of Spiritual Maturity

One Scale of Spiritual MaturitySubscriber Access Only

How we handle money says a lot about how we relate to others, and to God.


Why I Won't Give to Your Church

Why I Won't Give to Your ChurchSubscriber Access Only

An honest letter from a Millennial believer.
Developing a Culture of Contentment

Developing a Culture of Contentment

Jeff Manion on taking appropriate financial risk and cultivating a generous spirit.
Why Give to the Local Church?

Why Give to the Local Church?Subscriber Access Only

There are lots of great ministries out there, but giving to the local church is still essential.
The Power of the Ask

The Power of the AskSubscriber Access Only

7 fund-raising principles for pastors.
Transforming Scrooge

Transforming ScroogeSubscriber Access Only

What does it take to turn greed into generosity?
Raising Money from Millennials

Raising Money from MillennialsSubscriber Access Only

They're in debt. They don't trust institutions. But they will give generously to your church if you approach them in the right way.
Tithing: Law or a Grace?

Tithing: Law or a Grace?Subscriber Access Only

The place of giving in the gospel.
Hybrid Ministry

Hybrid MinistrySubscriber Access Only

Current giving trends will mean learning to do more with less.
Swim with the Big Fish (without getting swallowed)

Swim with the Big Fish (without getting swallowed)Subscriber Access Only

Ministry to big givers takes boldness and discernment.
Giving is Global

Giving is GlobalSubscriber Access Only

Glimpses of diverse generosity.


Learning from London's Atheist Church

Learning from London's Atheist ChurchSubscriber Access Only

The King has left the building.
Athletes Trump Faith Leaders

Athletes Trump Faith LeadersSubscriber Access Only

Location, Location, Location

Location, Location, LocationSubscriber Access Only

Top "place" resources for church leaders.


Real Financial Freedom

Real Financial FreedomSubscriber Access Only

Addressing our unhealthy desire for security.
Using People

Using PeopleSubscriber Access Only

The dark side of efficiency


Ministry in the Digital Age

Ministry in the Digital AgeSubscriber Access Only

Leadership Journal Reviews
Disney World for Bible Nerds

Disney World for Bible Nerds

A review of Logos 5 Gold software

Bonus Articles

Don't Lose the Wonder

Don't Lose the WonderSubscriber Access Only

How I rediscovered the splendor of being God's own.
Preaching to the Super Bowl Champs

Preaching to the Super Bowl ChampsSubscriber Access Only

An interview with Rod Hairston
Why People Get So Mad at Pastors

Why People Get So Mad at PastorsSubscriber Access Only

There's more going on than clashing personalities.
Confessions of a Ministry Introvert

Confessions of a Ministry IntrovertSubscriber Access Only

Understanding my personality enabled me to see introversion as a gift rather than a liability.
Just Church

Just ChurchSubscriber Access Only

An interview with IJM's Jim Martin on churches' current interest in justice.
When Church Becomes an Idol

When Church Becomes an Idol

A Leadership Journal interview with Craig Groeschel and Kyle Idleman
Reader's Pick
Missional Living in a Fraternity

Missional Living in a Fraternity

What it takes to go with Jesus into unlikely parts of the world.
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