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Finding Soul Satisfaction
Leadership Journal : Online Only

Finding Soul SatisfactionSubscriber Access Only

John Ortberg on caring for your soul.
Can Neuroscience Help Us Disciple Anyone?
Leadership Journal

Can Neuroscience Help Us Disciple Anyone?

Brain science and the renewal of your mind.
Ministering to the Mentally Ill
Leadership Journal

Ministering to the Mentally Ill

And more helpful tools from Christianity Today
The Self-Aware Leader
Leadership Journal : Online Only

The Self-Aware Leader

Or, "why a personality disorder should never manage a neurotic."
Do You Love Your Calling?
Leadership Journal : Online Only

Do You Love Your Calling?Subscriber Access Only

4 indicators that you've embraced what you are doing.
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Our editors have compiled our best from this contributor from the archives. Here you'll find ground-breaking, honest, wise coverage that sets Leadership Journal apart.

John Ortberg

The Sin Tamer

Do we ever get to stop fighting against the evil within?
An honest look at the difficult question, "How much sin should we expect in the church?"

Time Well Wasted

Why you need downtime and how to spend it
John Ortberg identifies three ways pastors can benefit from wasting time.

The Strong-Willed Leader

There is a difference between a surrendered will and a weak will.
One of the most unheralded (and most essential) characteristics of a good leader is their indomitable will.

Your Spiritual Growth PlanSubscriber Access Only

Developing life in the Spirit is a customized process.
Why gauging a church's ability to nurture spiritual growth should be framed around the right message, an accurate standard of measurement, and customized means for encouraging growth.

The "We" We Want to BeSubscriber Access Only

The most important growth is not a "me" thing but a "we" thing.
John Ortberg examines what it really means for the church to be "the body of Christ."
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Where is God on Monday?

Where is God on Monday?Subscriber Access Only

Equipping the church for faith at work.
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How to Draw Millennials to your Women's MinistryBuilding Church Leaders

How to Draw Millennials to your Women's Ministry