Bible Verse: Deuteronomy 10:18-19

18 He defends the cause of the fatherless and the widow, and loves the foreigner residing among you, giving them food and clothing. 19 And you are to love those who are foreigners, for you yourselves were foreigners in Egypt.


We have all found the relief that comes after we are confronted with difficulty and find resolution. While we cannot necessarily place ourselves in the shoes of a refugee, or any other vulnerable population specifically, we can relate in having a need that required someone else to come alongside us. That need may have been physical and tangible, or it may have been simply someone’s presence or advocacy for us. But as we have been helped, we should be looking to how we can help others by what we have learned and how we have been empowered. Whether it is a refugee needing food, or a friend needing a listening ear, we should always remember during our times of plenty, to be looking for those who are in need.


Lord, we always have needs and sometimes can be blinded by that and not see the needs of others around us. Guide us to where we can help others as we have been loved and served. Give us ears that listen to you and seek to serve others and not to gain for ourselves. Remind us of what you have done through others in our lives so that we may be giving unto others.

Practical Reflection:

How do we treat others in light of hardships we have faced and come through?