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In our June issue, managing editor Mark Galli promised ct readers that this issue would include "a vigorous exchange about the translation issues raised by the TNIV." The context was CTI's decision not to publish an ad that raised issues about how Today's New International Version New Testament handles gender. CTI doesn't believe that publishing negative message ads with long lists of signatories is a good way to handle intra-evangelical disagreements. But we do favor frank and irenic exchanges between parties. To that end, we asked Vern Poythress and Mark Strauss: Is the TNIV faithful in its treatment of gender?

Poythress is professor of New Testament interpretation at Westminster Seminary (Philadelphia) and author of God-Centered Biblical Interpretation. Strauss is associate professor of New Testament at Bethel Seminary (San Diego) and author of Distorting Scripture? The Challenge of Bible Translation and Gender Accuracy. More detailed discussions of these issues by these writers and others appear at,, and

Is this new translation faithful in its treatment of gender?

Vern S. Poythress argues No.

Mark Strauss says Yes.

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Our TNIV Debate package also includes:

Is the TNIV faithful in its treatment of gender? NoPolitical correctness puts pressure on translators to change details of meaning.
Is the TNIV faithful in its treatment of gender? YesThe TNIV does not eliminate gender distinctions ...
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October 7, 2002

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