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Thanks to Andy Crouch

Happy New Year!

My celebrations started early when I read that Andy Crouch (author of Culture Makers, a book I highly recommend), had reviewed my book, Penelope Ayers, as one of his favorites of the year. Click here to read the review (scroll down once you get to the page), and I encourage you to poke around his website and order his book too. It's a mutual admiration society, apparently, because if I had taken the time to write my list of favorites of 2009, his book would have been near the top!

We're back from two weeks away which included Connecticut, Christmas, New Orleans, Penny's 4th Birthday and her 4th Birthday dance party. All that is to say, there is plenty to write about, but first the bags must be unpacked, laundry folded, bills paid...

So stay tuned for more soon.

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