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Child Narcissists

Is social media helping create a generation of narcissists? This is the question posed by Heidi Stevens of the Chicago Tribune in her interview with author Larry Bugen:

Q: Start by defining narcissism, because I think it means different things to different people.

A: An uncompromising self-absorption which alienates others and compromises the well-being of all. We all have a healthy self-interest, or should, but at what point do we become so involved with our own self-interest that we become blinded to the needs of those we love?

Q: How does posting updates about our children translate to their becoming narcissists?

A: We are weaving together this perfect family image that allows our kids to, one, be in the limelight, but it also creates an image they need to continue to uphold and live up to for the rest of their lives. They get caught up in the attention that image provides and get used to being center stage.

(Click here to read the full interview.) As someone who blogs about our children regularly, I'm curious about his argument. What do you think–does posting and tweeting about our children create a problem for them and for us? What do you do to support your children's self-esteem while also being honest about their faults?

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