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I read a lot, and I often read articles I'd like to comment upon but then I just don't get a chance. So I've started tweeting things I read that might be of interest to my followers (if you're on Twitter, you can follow me @amyjuliabecker), and I figured you all might be interested in the same list. So I'm going to try to offer a list of recommended articles on an array of subjects mostly related to faith, family, and disability about once a week. Here's a sampling from the past ten days:

The Way to Produce a Person By David Brooks (New York Times)

 Maternity Test Reveals More About Unborn Babies Earlier In Pregnancy (LA Times)

 With Advances In Prenatal Testing, Difficult Choices Arise (NPR)

 KY Voices: New State Law Educates about Down Syndrome

 How Did Work-Life Balance in the U.S. Get So Awful? (Atlantic)

 Eager to Adopt, Evangelicals Find Children, and Pitfalls, Abroad (New York Times)

School Said ‘Hi' - Special Needs Student took it from there (Chicago Tribune)

 ‘Handicapped' Symbol gets Facelift (Disability Scoop)

 P.S. Let me know if there's a way you'd like to see these–i.e. should I cut and post the tweet itself or just make a list like this? And check back in for my interview with George Estreich tomorrow

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