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September 4 1987, 1987
Volume 31, Number 12
September 4
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Return of the Big Stick
Americans put more trust in the military than in the church.
The Fourth “R”
Are Christian schools simply mirroring a nostalgic past, or producing leaders for tomorrow?
Is Education Going to the Technicians?
Young people must slow down and think if they are to become more than efficient producers.
Lost Momentum
Carl F. H. Henry looks at the future of the Religious Right.
What Would Alf Say?
One person’s influence showed me we never outgrow our need for role models.
A Milestone for Stott
J. I. Packer reviews "The Cross of Christ," by John Stott
The Holy Spirit and World Evangelization
Some 35,000 charismatics consider ways to harness God’s power to spread the gospel.
Where Religion Has Disappeared
Two retired missionaries are allowed to visit the world’s only officially atheist country.
America’s Catholics: What the Pope Will Encounter
John Paul II will find a more ‘Protestant’ Catholic church than in his native Europe.
The Call of Destiny
Black Christians catch a vision for evangelizing the world.