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Founder Billy Graham

Editor in Chief Mark Galli

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Creative Director Alecia Sharp

Managing Editor Andy Olsen

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Associate Art Director Sarah Gordon

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Associate Editor, Books Matt Reynolds

Associate Editor, Online Kate Shellnutt

Associate Editor, Theology Caleb Lindgren

Associate Digital Media Producer Morgan Lee

Associate Editor, Features Gina Dalfonzo

Assistant Editor Jenna DeWitt

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Associate Editor, CT Women Andrea Palpant Dilley

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Contributing Editor Ed Stetzer

Editors at Large Sarah Pulliam Bailey, Katelyn Beaty, Edward Gilbreath, Stan Guthrie, Collin Hansen, John W. Kennedy, Douglas LeBlanc, Michael G. Maudlin, Susan Mettes, Rob Moll, Mark Moring, Tim Stafford, Madison Trammel, John Wilson, Philip Yancey

Editorial Board Darrell L. Bock, Leslie Leyland Fields, Timothy F. George, Christopher A. Hall, Megan Hill, Wesley Hill, Gabe Lyons, Scot McKnight, James I. Packer, Amy L. Sherman, John Stackhouse Jr., Rachel Marie Stone

Founder Billy Graham 1956

Lead Editors
Carl F. H. Henry 1956–68
L. Nelson Bell 1956–73
Harold Lindsell 1968–78
Kenneth S. Kantzer 1978–82
V. Gilbert Beers 1982–85
George K. Brushaber 1985–90
Terry C. Muck 1985–90
David Neff 1993–2012

Board of Directors

Chairman Eugene B. Habecker

President & CEO Harold B. Smith

Thomas Addington, Miriam Adeney, Claude Alexander, David Bere, Sandra C. Gray, Tami Heim, Alec Hill, Darryl L. King, Michael Lindsay, Samuel Rodriguez, Meritt Sawyer, Harold B. Smith, John M. Sommerville, Annie Tsai

Top Story June 21, 2018
Loving Our Neighbors Knows No Borders—Even Political Ones
Loving Our Neighbors Knows No Borders—Even Political Ones
Along the way, we may be able to show people Jesus.
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