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Is Church Attendance Declining?Subscriber Access Only
A new study says no. Also: Russian seminaries' enrollment woes, and more news on Christian higher education.
Innocence and Ambition at Patrick Henry CollegeSubscriber Access Only
A review of God's Harvard. Also: sorting out the faithful in Catholic higher education.
Do Children of the 'Unequally Yoked' Do Worse?Subscriber Access Only
Plus: Ultimate questions about colleges' core curriculum and other news from the higher education world.
Church, State, and the Founding of AmericaSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Studying pagans, humanities vs. religion, and more.
Christian Smith on Why Christianity 'Works'Subscriber Access Only
Plus: Baylor publishing woes, and other news from the higher education world.
David Dockery on Christian Higher Ed's Key ChallengesSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Fearing secularization and "fundamentalization" and whether "Christian economics" exist.
Why College Doesn't Turn Kids SecularSubscriber Access Only
Also: Richard Land on the footbath controversy, Falwell's big Liberty gift, and other stories about higher education and research.
Christian Higher Education Goes to RussiaSubscriber Access Only
Plus: One more argument against U.S. News rankings, and Silver Ring Thing goes to Harvard.
Top Story August 23, 2019
America Needed Spies. Many Missionaries Were Ready and Willing.
America Needed Spies During World War II. Many Missionaries Were Ready and Willing.
They regretted some of what they were asked to do, but they thought defending democracy was worth it.
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