To commemorate the 500th birthday of John Calvin in 2009, Christianity Today published a bimonthly column adapted and paraphrased from Institutes of the Christian Religion. It was ghostwritten by Michael Horton, professor of theology and apologetics at Westminster Seminary California, and editor-in-chief of Modern Reformation magazine.


The Only 'Christian Nation'
The Only 'Christian Nation'
There is no single best way to run a country.
John Calvin: Christ Alone
Christ Alone
Why indulgences are still a bad idea.
John Calvin: The Real Prosperity Gospel
The Real Prosperity Gospel
God's ways may be hidden, but his purpose for us is not.
John Calvin: Reverence for the Mystery
Reverence for the Mystery
God does not have to answer to us for his ways.

Top Story May 23, 2024

Be Quick to Listen, Slow to ‘Therapy Speak’
Be Quick to Listen, Slow to ‘Therapy Speak’
Using terms like trauma, abuse, and toxic too flippantly has consequences for our relationships.

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