This week on Be Afraid, we move from toys that come alive when we’re not looking to dolls who are possessed by Satan himself. Along the way, we think about all the footage we’re creating every day on our smartphones and social media feeds, and how that might very well be documenting the horrors that constantly surround us. We also create some found footage of our own.

For video footage of Kutter, Kenneth, and Stephen’s experience in the Blue House:

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Chad and Carey Hayes are twin brothers who launched what is now known as The Conjuring Universe, which, at over $2 billion, is the highest-grossing horror franchise in history. They wrote The Conjuring and The Conjuring 2, which have generated a series of sequels and prequels, including three Annabelle movies, The Nun and The Nun II, and a third Conjuring film.

Josh Larsen is the host of Filmspotting and author of Fear Not: A Christian Appreciation of Horror Movies.

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