This week on The Bulletin, hosts Mike Cosper, Nicole Martin, and editor in chief Russell Moore sit down to talk about finding truth in the rubble of human brokenness. Faydra Shapiro joins the show from Galilee, along with guest Chris Seiple, to talk about the possibility of peace in the Middle East. Mike, Nicole, and Russell discuss problems on college campuses—Liberty University’s concealment of crimes and antisemitism fueled by ignorance and a misplaced sense of justice.

This week’s bonus episode: Making Sense of the Israel-Hamas War

Joining us this week:

Faydra Shapiro is a specialist in contemporary Jewish-Christian relations, with a focus on evangelical Christian-Jewish and Jewish-Catholic relations. She has published and presented extensively on the topic of Christian Zionism and evangelical Christian support for Israel. Dr. Shapiro’s most recent book (2016) is Christian Zionism: Navigating the Jewish-Christian Border. She received her PhD in 2000 and her first book received a National Jewish Book Award (2006). Dr. Shapiro is also a senior fellow at the Philos Project and a research fellow at the Center for the Study of Religions at Tel Hai College in northern Israel.

Chris Seiple is the senior fellow for comparative religion at the Jackson School of International Studies at the University of Washington. He is widely known and sought after for his decades of experience and expertise regarding issues at the intersection of geopolitics, US foreign policy, Asia, conflict resolution, human rights, and religion. He has pioneered innovative solutions in the US Marine Corps, at the US State Department, the Templeton Religion Trust, and as the president of the Institute for Global Engagement (IGE), where he developed a “Track 1.5” theory of change rooted in relational diplomacy. He and IGE are perhaps best known for playing a significant role in the removal of Vietnam (2007) and Uzbekistan (2018) from the US State Department’s religious freedom violations list. His 1996 book, The U.S. Military/NGO Relationship in Humanitarian Interventions, is a seminal work in the field. Chris is a three-time cancer survivor who embraces each day gratefully.

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