Part 1 of the Shechem Storyline welcomes Rev. Dr. Jackie Roese to explore the stories of two women, Dinah and the woman at the well. Despite living centuries apart, these two women are connected through their hometown, Shechem. This episode explores the lingering effect that pain and trauma can have on a place. And it’s about how Jesus brings redemption to places of pain and brokenness in Bible times and in our lives as well.

Episode content warning: This episode contains content related to sexual assault and suicide.

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Genesis 34 tells the harrowing story of Dinah, Jacob’s daughter, who suffers an assault in Shechem. Dinah’s silence and her father’s passivity highlight this ancient society’s indifference to violence against women. Shechem in the Old Testament and Sychar in the New Testament are the same place in the Bible. Dinah and the woman at the well both experienced significant events in Shechem. Rev. Dr. Jackie Roese shares insights from leading a tour to Samaria and the importance of respecting stories of women who’ve faced marginalization and vulnerability.

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