In this special episode, we highlight Women’s History Month (March 2024) by featuring host Charlie Peacock in conversation with a panel of Nashville’s best up-and-coming women songwriters: Erika Daves (Daves Highway), Jasmine Mullen (The New Respects), and Abby Siler (songwriter, Integrity Music). All three singer-songwriters are committed to loving God and people through music, serving the Christian church, and creating the songs the whole world sings in country, pop, R & B / soul, indie lo-fi pop, and more.

In this lively, insightful episode, we learn how three young singer-songwriters harmonize their faith with their artistry, navigate the music industry’s highs and lows, and stay committed to loving God and people—fueling their creativity. They delve into the challenges they’ve faced as women in a space too often controlled by men while revealing how female role models (including mothers), women in music history, and the power of mentorship keep them safe, sane, and hopeful for ever-expanding opportunities.

Amid discussions on music, gender equality, and diversity, our guests highlight the transformative shifts they’ve witnessed and the initiatives and people that spark hope for a bright future. As we celebrate Women’s History Month, this episode is a melodious tribute to those at the forefront of blending Christian spiritual depth with musical innovation. From dream collaborations to the daily rhythms of creative inspiration, join us as we listen to the hearts of three women who are not just making music but making a difference.

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Erika Daves
Jasmine Mullen
Abby Siler

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