Most of us move at a frantic pace with little time for intentional rest. As author and artist Justin McRoberts works to balance his work and creative life with his spiritual and family life, he understands this pull toward frenetic anxiety. Leaning into the truth of our belovedness in Christ, McRoberts invites readers and others to slow down and pay attention.

This week on The Slow Work, McRoberts joins host Sandra McCracken to talk about work, rest and responding to the call of our belovedness. McRoberts explains how he works in seasons, the internal map that helps guide his decision making, and the grace that must rule over all as the voice of rest. In their discussion, McRoberts explains how burnout and depression can become gifts, why sadness deserves its own time, and what disappointments offer us as we turn our hearts to God.

Special Guest:
Justin McRoberts is an author, coach, speaker, and songwriter. He is the author of six books, including his latest, Sacred Strides (May 2023). For over 20 years, Justin has helped artists, ministers, and entrepreneurs find their way. From the stage, through his stories in books or during coaching sessions, he leans on his years of work and expertise as a minister and artist to help individuals and teams solve problems in their creative processes. When he’s not writing, speaking, or coaching, you can find him as the host of the At Sea Podcast. He lives in the East San Francisco Bay Area.

Resources Referenced:
Sacred Strides: The Journey to Belovedness in Work and Rest
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Chariots of Fire

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