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Christmas and the Modern JewSubscriber Access Only
Christians often seem to lack both good missionary strategies toward Jews and sensitivity to their situation in life
If It's Too Good to Be True...Subscriber Access Only
A dose of skepticism is okay even with fellow Christians
Shortchanging CharitiesSubscriber Access Only
Americans will surrender their constitutional values if nobody acts to expand Charitable Choice.
Enough BullyingSubscriber Access Only
Wayne Pederson's point was on target: evangelicalism risks identification more as a political movement than a theological one.
Killing a PandemicSubscriber Access Only
The church may be best equipped to deal HIV/AIDS a crippling blow
A Proposal to Tilt the Balance of TerrorSubscriber Access Only
For all Christians there are values that should be more precious than life itself
Coming AttractionsSubscriber Access Only
Gay activism is not just found in liberal churches
Jews Against Jesus?Subscriber Access Only
Critics of Gibson's film The Passion distort the truth
The Next Sexual RevolutionSubscriber Access Only
"By practicing what it preaches on marriage, the church could transform society"
Crash-Helmet ChristianitySubscriber Access Only
Talking about the real Jesus is a dangerous thing.
Forget Your BlissSubscriber Access Only
The success of The Purpose-Driven Life reveals a cultural opportunity.
Blessed Are the LukewarmSubscriber Access Only
Religion is okay with the courts, so long as it doesn't mean anything.
Let’s Pray, Then PlaySubscriber Access Only
Piety in public may help students understand America's religious diversity.
Same Song, Second TermSubscriber Access Only
It is a unique political moment for Christian conservatives—or is it?
Intelligent Church RedesignSubscriber Access Only
It's a sad but necessary reality that some denominational splits are justified.
Prescription for ConflictSubscriber Access Only
Pharmacists may have to put conscience on the shelf—or quit.
Aliens in Our MidstSubscriber Access Only
Attaining asylum in the land of the free is harder than you'd think.
You'd Better Watch OutSubscriber Access Only
800 Christmas defense lawyers are coming to town.
Loose Cult TalkSubscriber Access Only
There just might be a better way to solve theological disputes.
The Power of HospitalitySubscriber Access Only
How to win over enemies and influence people.

Top Story August 15, 2020

Eight Prayers for the Online Dating Journey
Eight Prayers for the Online Dating Journey
Here are a few lines to pray before swiping left or right.

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