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Which Version Should We Use?Subscriber Access Only
What we said when the NIV was first published.
Free Speech for PoliticiansSubscriber Access Only
God-talk in the public square is healthy
Why the TNIV Draws IreSubscriber Access Only
"No translation is perfect, and each must be read with a careful exegetical eye."
What Is Hip?Subscriber Access Only
Let's not kid ourselves that salvation depends on the ability to discuss Austin Powers movies
Open-book MinistrySubscriber Access Only
"Financial transparency is a must, even when it's not legally required"
"Safe, Not Sorry"Subscriber Access Only
Churches do not have to wait for safer 15-passenger vans.
Uncle Sam's Prayer StickSubscriber Access Only
Educators can no longer afford to ignore federal guidelines on religion in schools
Civics for Gay ActivistsSubscriber Access Only
We may see more die from HIV/AIDS because gay activists are intolerant
Persecution Is a Holy WordSubscriber Access Only
Exaggerating our problems demeans the sacrifice of overseas believers
"Walking the Old, Old Talk"Subscriber Access Only
The cultural success of evangelicalism is its greatest weakness
No-Fault Division?Subscriber Access Only
It may be time for mainline churches to consider an amicable divorce.
Hang Ten?Subscriber Access Only
Thou shalt avoid Ten Commandments tokenism.
Just Married?Subscriber Access Only
God makes marriage a sacred invasion of privacy.
Bob Jones RulesSubscriber Access Only
In his rationale for dropping his school's ban on interracial dating, Bob Jones III may have changed the fundamentalist movement.
Crushing DebtSubscriber Access Only
Third World debt is as vicious as the slave trade.
Do Good Fences Make Good Baptists?Subscriber Access Only
The SBC's new Faith and Message brings needed clarity—but maybe at the cost of honest diversity.
The Evil of Two LessersSubscriber Access Only
Neither candidate made courageous choices after the election.
Spiritual ShortcutsSubscriber Access Only
The cheating epidemic reveals a deeper issue.
End Extreme Poverty in 2005?Subscriber Access Only
No way. But we can still do something significant.
Worship as Higher PoliticsSubscriber Access Only
Political priorities for citizens of the kingdom.

Top Story May 28, 2020

Called to Missions. Held Back by Student Loans.
Called to Missions. Held Back by Student Loans.
Rising debt stops many who would serve.

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