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Coretta Scott King, a Woman of Faith and Devotion, Dies at 78
One of the country's most famous pastor's wives was a civil rights leader in her own right.
Air Force Issues Revised Guidelines on Religion
Interpretation varies on what one-page "interim" document means.
Supreme Court Turns Down Challenge to Faith-Based Office
Ruling says taxpayers don't have standing to sue executive branch for use of funds.
Baptists Push Unity and a Fresh Face
More than 30 Baptist groups, minus the Southern Baptist Convention, gather for the New Baptist Covenant Celebration.
Appeals Court Declares Ten Commandments Monument Unconstitutional
Judges say the Oklahoma monument would reflect a government endorsement of religion.
Christian Retailers Seek Federal Probe of Competitors
CBA asks Justice Department to investigate pricing by larger companies.
Supreme Court Decision on Religion Upends Campus Religious Groups
 Nearly two years after the Christian Legal Society v. Martinez ruling, the case is causing strife for religious groups across U.S. college campuses.
Boy Scouts' Membership Change May Grow Christian Youth Clubs
Alternative organizations saw rising interest amid debate.
Younger Schuller Resigns from Crystal Cathedral
Robert H. Schuller said a month ago that his son would no longer be the sole preacher on the church's television program.
Southern Baptists Look To Minorities To Jump-Start Growth
GSUSLVSU, and so does the driver of this car
If Obama Won't Fight Gay Marriage, Conservatives Will
Some Pro-Lifers Like New NIH Guidelines on Embryos
Obama Tells Church Faith `Keeps Me Calm'
President Obama visited Vermont Avenue Baptist Church, a historic congregation that was visited by Martin Luther King Jr.
Civility Project Disbands after Low Interest in Congress
As CBN Turns 50, Pat Robertson Mostly Bows Out of Politics
Died: John Lewis, Preaching Politician and Civil Rights Leader
From Freedom Rides to March on Washington, Selma protest, and House of Congress, he showed that "Sometimes you have to find a way to get in trouble, good trouble."
Racially Diverse Faith Coalitions Oppose Gay Marriage, Tackle Other Issues
Invigorated by the election, African-American and Hispanic leaders are reaching out on a range of political fronts.
FCC Reverses Religious Programming Limits
Supreme Court Rulings on Ten Commandments Leave Wake of Confusion
Groups announce plans to create new monuments as court refuses to hear more about such displays.

Top Story September 19, 2020

God Knew What He Was Doing When He Gave Jesus Two Family Trees
God Knew What He Was Doing When He Gave Jesus Two Family Trees
How to sort out the many disparities between the genealogies of Matthew and Luke.

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