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California Rejects Marijuana InitiativeSubscriber Access Only
Why Adult Coloring Works for ChristiansSubscriber Access Only
I mocked the coloring book trend, until I discovered it for myself.
How the Iraq War Has Affected WomenSubscriber Access Only
The country now faces a large population of unmarried women, many of them widows. Are government-doled incentives for marrying widows a good economic strategy?
A New Frontier in Pro-Life Stem-Cell ResearchSubscriber Access Only
FDA-backed Georgia researchers hope stem cells from umbilical cord blood will effectively treat cerebral palsy.
Whatever Happened to Wonder Woman?Subscriber Access Only
Modern female superheroes barely stand for anything. It wasn’t always this way.
Superman Isn't JesusSubscriber Access Only
Hollywood's overblown superhero-savior parallels.
Why Women Want SherlockSubscriber Access Only
Sherlock Holmes is not your typical TV hunk or superhero, but still has millions of female fans obsessed.
Migrating MinistrySubscriber Access Only
One refugee pastor is key to the resettlement of Bhutanese in Texas.
Lady Gaga: Where's the Outrage?Subscriber Access Only
What happens when a pop culture phenomenon becomes a 'religious experience.'
Redeeming Roman PolanskiSubscriber Access Only
Looking for a Christian response to a child rapist with powerful friends.
The New Student Activists
Christian college students are engaging controversial issues and taking stands to pursue justice.
Colorado Rejects Personhood AmendmentSubscriber Access Only
States Vote on Health Care MeasuresSubscriber Access Only
Questioning Scientology amid Katie Holmes's Divorce from Tom CruiseSubscriber Access Only
Why empathizing with Cruise isn't sympathy for the Devil.
Faith Leaders Urge Higher Profile for Religious FreedomSubscriber Access Only
In letter to Senate Foreign Relations Committee, they say reported plans "would harm American interests."
Brené Brown: Why We Need to Own Our FailuresSubscriber Access Only
Our darkest chapters don’t require a Christian rewrite.
God’s Mercy is More Robust Than We Think
God’s Mercy is More Robust Than We Think
Grace does not sabotage the pursuit of righteousness but empowers it.
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