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Why Singles Need Married Friends
Instead of looking to celebrity couples to uphold our marital ideals, we should look to real couples in our midst.
Florida's Other Marriage Amendment
Christian groups propose 0 fee for Florida couples who do not get premarital counseling.
Carrie Prejean's Book Urges Women to Stand Up for Beliefs
'Still Standing' doesn't claim Prejean made the right decisions, only that she has the right to make them.
The No-Fault-Divorce Nation
As New York becomes the last state to legalize no-fault divorce, will Americans see a new chapter in our national marriage crisis?
Single Ladies Need Better Work-Life Balance, Too
Sheryl Sandberg's lessons for all of us, including the church.
Strong women at movies: still the missing link.
States Vote on Health Care Measures
Pro-life Efforts to Watch in 2011
Into the Woods
Nothing is black and white, even in a fairy tale.
Why Adult Coloring Works for Christians
I mocked the coloring book trend, until I discovered it for myself.
‘La La Land’ Dances Between Love and Calling
What Christians might take away from Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling’s latest hit.
‘Home Again’ Fails to Challenge Shallow Notions of ‘Home’
Hallie Meyers-Shyer's directorial debut reveals just how dissatisfying good fortune can be.
The Red Carpet Is No Longer a Refuge from Real-World Issues
This Academy Awards season, celebrities and fans are looking for more from Hollywood, but even with more robust coverage, they may not always find it.
Learning from Tim Tebow about Workplace Evangelism
Why we all could stand to do a bit more Tebowing around the office.
So, How Are Those Summer Reading Lists Coming?
How to read the Bible in an age of anxiety; plus three book reviews from Christine A. Scheller.
Quest for a Father's Love
Author Margot Starbuck talks about the universal need to be 'seen, heard, known, and loved.'
Anne Graham Lotz, the Church, and Me
Like Lotz, I've never doubted faith in Christ, but I have mightily doubted the goodness of church.
Why Barbie Needs Ken After All
The power couple's Valentine's Day reunion may just teach Barbie that the world doesn't revolve around her.

Top Story September 26, 2020

What Pastors See as the ‘New Normal’ for Preaching After the Pandemic
What Pastors See as the ‘New Normal’ for Preaching After the Pandemic
COVID-19’s ministry disruptions are generating lasting insights.

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