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One in the Spirit
Evangelicals look for reconciliation in aftermath of Asia's longest civil war.
The Lab Rat of the 21st Century
The new executive director at the Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity discusses recent bioethical debates.
Cashing In on Breast Cancer: A Review of 'Pink Ribbons, Inc.'
A new documentary, in select theaters now, urges women to 'think before you pink.'
'Tangled,' Kate Middleton, and Modern Princesses
Why Disney's newest fairy tale—and England's real-life one—give me hope for my 6-year-old niece.
Redeeming Roman Polanski
Looking for a Christian response to a child rapist with powerful friends.
Going Rogue: An American (Pro-)Life Woman
The former vice presidential candidate promotes her new book alongside the pro-life cause.
Did You Consider Having an Abortion?
The value of Tim Tebow's life is not more than that of any other child.
Colorado Rejects Personhood Amendment
Hollywood tries to turn a clash between science and a powerful institution into an immigrant doctor's "such a time as this."
What's 'Love' Mean, Anyway?
That's the question that Charlyne Yi and company took into the docudrama Paper Heart, which opens Friday.
Therefore Let Us Keep the Feast
Celebrating the Passover meal prepares Christians for Easter.
Why I Envy Young Nuns
What a remarkably large class of young Catholic nuns-in-training taught this Protestant.
I Love You And I Don't Care Who on Facebook Knows It
Guidelines for PDA in the digital age.
The 'Scandalous,' Nonsensical Portrayal of Christian Faith on TV
Scripted television still doesn’t get evangelicals.
On TV, How Dark Is Too Dark?
Game of Thrones puts evil at its forefront.
California Rejects Marijuana Initiative

Top Story November 25, 2020

Sometimes, Telling Us More About the Pilgrims Actually Tells Us Less
Sometimes, Telling Us More About the Pilgrims Actually Tells Us Less
A new study touches on many factors that shaped life in Plymouth Colony. But the most important one gets lost in the laundry list.

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