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Are Infants Sinful? How Not to Talk about Original SinSubscriber Access Only
There are better ways to explain human fallenness than pointing to needy babies and clumsy toddlers.
Sexy EvangelismSubscriber Access Only
Why our narrative about sex, dating, and marriage is a gospel priority.
Creation Sings (Joy to the World Part Two)
Penelope Ayers Updates and Reviews
My Garden of Delight
Disabled or Uber-Able?
Questions for your Book Club
Love, a Day Late
What Matters to you during this Election?
Especially if you are a parent, what issues matter most to you as the election approaches?
What Does it Mean to Pray in Jesus' Name?
What Penny taught me about praying "in Jesus name."
A Good and Perfect Gift Available for FREE Today Only!
For one day only, A Good and Perfect Gift is free for Kindle, Nook, or any other e-reader. Please help spread the word!
Do Medical Textbooks Intentionally Offer Outdated Descriptions of Down Syndrome? and Other Questions for George Estreich
"Medicine is part of culture, and so culture, good and bad, is refracted through medicine." George Estreich on medical ethics, culture, and inclusion, among other things.
Snow Days and Preparing Him Room
It's one of my favorite lines from a Christmas hymn, Joy to the World: Let every heart prepare him room… But my heart is crowded with the regular preparations for Christmas
US Religion Census Maps Changing Churches, Declining Denominations
US Religion Census Maps Changing Churches, Declining DenominationsSubscriber Access Only
The 2020 project shows shifting complexity of organized religion.
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