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Advocating for a Daughter Stuck in the 'Shadow of Autism'Subscriber Access Only
Virginia Breen's daughter, Elizabeth, can't talk. How she reveals the love of God through poetry.
Dad-in-Chief: Parenting Lessons from Rick Santorum and President ObamaSubscriber Access Only
We need more political leaders modeling family sacrifice—especially for children with disabilities.
Coming Home after Hurricane IreneSubscriber Access Only
The place where our family played, worked, and fell in love for nearly 100 years was destroyed. So it's not "just a house."
Should Christians Use Self-Help Programs?Subscriber Access Only
Many programs teach self-love and self-compassion as a path to inner peace. What is the gospel response?
When God Told Us to AdoptSubscriber Access Only
Amy Julia Becker talks to fellow Her.meneutics writer Jennifer Grant about her new memoir, 'Love You More'.
Iris Robinson, Jesus Loves You More Than You Will KnowSubscriber Access Only
Speaking grace and truth into Ireland's sex scandal involving a born-again Christian woman.
Finding the Right Words for DisabilitySubscriber Access Only
Following Jesus' example in John 9, I want to see beyond 'the problem' when I encounter people with disabilities.
iHave an iPad, But at What Cost?Subscriber Access Only
Perhaps technological advances are challenging spiritual disciplines, such as prayer, contemplation, and waiting to hear from the Lord.
A Course in Dying 101Subscriber Access Only
What Christians can teach our death-denying culture.
News Flash: Not Everyone With Down Syndrome Is SufferingSubscriber Access Only
Setting the record straight on special needs and disability.
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Me Help!
"I'm an Agnostic"
Musings from the Waiting Room
Education and Participation in the Kingdom, Part 1
Remember Me...
Happy and Special
Life Without God: Part One

Top Story July 7, 2020

Can the Church Save Marriage?
Can the Church Save Marriage?
Matrimony rates are in decline, even among conservative Christians. Here’s what that means for the future.

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