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Remembrance of Terrorist Attack Victims Marks Russian Orthodox ShiftSubscriber Access Only
Services commemorate the dead on the 40th day after their death.
Russian Church Reassures Members Who Fear Codes Signify 'The Beast'Subscriber Access Only
"Tax codes in no way a doctrinal matter, says Patriarch Alexei II."
Georgia's Baptists Anxious After Losing Large Sum of Cash in Church RobberySubscriber Access Only
"Theft follows a number of attacks on religious minorities, including Baptists."
Russian Prelate Urges World's Churches to Adopt Orthodox Dates for EasterSubscriber Access Only
"But even on this calendrical rarity, churches will not celebrate Christ's resurrection together."
Pope's Pilgrimage to Ukraine Prompts Warning From OrthodoxSubscriber Access Only
Revival of the Greek Catholic Church in Russia prompts new conflict.
Russia's Last Czar to Be SaintedSubscriber Access Only
Nicholas II and family part of 1,100 canonized for martyrdom by communists.
"100 Years After Excommunication, Church Cannot Look Kindly Upon Tolstoy"Subscriber Access Only
Russian Orthodox hierarchy rejects request of writer's great-great-grandson.
For Many Russian Christians Bar Codes Signal Coming of the AntichristSubscriber Access Only
Russian Orthodox Church trying to calm fears, but may be making it worse
Patriarchs and Presidents to Gather in Bethlehem for Orthodox ChristmasSubscriber Access Only
January 7 meeting to be first such meeting in many years
Russia's Minority Churches Welcome Liberal Ruling on Religion LawSubscriber Access Only
1997 ruling against 'sects' upheld, but religious groups claim victory
Moscow Parish Overcomes the Sound BarrierSubscriber Access Only
Small Russian church develops a sign language for the Orthodox liturgy
Moscow Meeting Eases Russia's Interchurch Tensions
First major interchurch meeting since 1997 religion law called 'highly important'
"Ten Years After Coup, Putin Seeks Inspiration From Russia's Christian Roots"Subscriber Access Only
"During monastery visit, president says moral values should form national policy."
Moscow's Patriarch Accuses West of Double Standards Over ChechnyaSubscriber Access Only
Critics silent on Chechen crimes, says head of the Russian Orthodox Church
As Russians Prepare to Elect New President Putin Shows Interest in ReligionSubscriber Access Only
As acting president suspends Chechenya campaign for Christmas and Ramadan, Russian Orthodox Church sees new church-state relationship.
Federal Ruling May Mean Salvation Army's Moscow Problems Are OverSubscriber Access Only
"Church able to register as centralized religious organization, but leaders say Moscow decision must still be overturned"
Russian Intellectuals Try to Revive AtheismSubscriber Access Only
The Moscow Society of Atheists says its ideology has fallen out of fashion
Church Readies 1700th Anniversary Amid Assassinations New LeadershipSubscriber Access Only
New head of Armenian Apostolic Church wants to bring order
Russian Faithful Plunge Into Icy Water as Holy Act at EpiphanySubscriber Access Only
Biblical events take on a special significance at Istra's New Jerusalem.
Church Leader Says Russia Needs To Adopt German-Style Church TaxSubscriber Access Only
"Russian Orthodox Church facing financial difficulties, but suggestion is seen only as publicity ploy."

Top Story April 9, 2020

What Matters Is That We Remember
What Matters Is That We Remember
Jesus’ last Passover was our first Communion.

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