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Planting Deep RootsSubscriber Access Only
When you get serious about cultural change, you get serious about institutions.
The Upscaling of an EvangelicalSubscriber Access Only
Randall Balmer returns to his father's faith—with qualifications and hesitations
Not What You See on TVSubscriber Access Only
Why we have hope for the church in a rapidly changing culture.
The AntimodernsSubscriber Access Only
Six postmodern Christians discuss the possibilities and limits of postmodernism.
The Media and the MassacreSubscriber Access Only
True compassion requires turning off the news.
Why Tim Keller Wants You to Stay in That Job You Hate
The Redeemer pastor explains how he ministers to laypeople facing career confusion.
C. S. Lewis in Unlikely PlacesSubscriber Access Only
He’s still showing us how to pay attention.
When Backward Is ForwardSubscriber Access Only
Christmas may be the best argument against genetic enhancement.
The Phone Book TestSubscriber Access Only
Robert P. George explains how a simple experiment reveals the great divide in our culture.
Creating CultureSubscriber Access Only
Our best response to the world is to make something of it.
'Live More Musically'Subscriber Access Only
The difference between Christian practice and a Starbucks purchase.
The Future of Today's ChristianitySubscriber Access Only
We have news to offer that is good for us and our children's children.
Why Short-Term Missions Need to be Round TripSubscriber Access Only
No mission worth taking is really "short-term."
Consuming PassionsSubscriber Access Only
One man's testimony from the First Great Mammon Awakening.
GroundedSubscriber Access Only
Our technologies give us an illusion of omnipresence—most of the time
Pilgrims to NowhereSubscriber Access Only
Freedom isn't much good if you don't have a sense of direction.
Stonewashed WorshipSubscriber Access Only
Churches are striving to appear 'authentic'—like the rest of consumer culture.
From Tower-Dwellers to TravelersSubscriber Access Only
Ugandan-born theologian Emmanuel Katongole offers a new paradigm for missions.
The Cruel Edges of the WorldSubscriber Access Only
There are some places that bring the distant biblical text closer to our lives.
Uprooted Emotions, Grounded FaithSubscriber Access Only
Prepare for culture-shock, learn how to effectively debrief, and discuss your team dynamic.
Is Your Trip Tourism or Missions?
Is Your Trip Tourism or Missions?
After years of debate, the line is blurrier than ever.
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