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Our November Issue: Listening Carefully
Nigeria’s besieged Christians ask if they are forgotten.
Our July/August Issue: No Shadow Unlit
We can lament the dark. But don't miss the light.
Our March Issue: Us vs. Us
How to let go of our precious personal versions of orthodoxy.
Our April Issue: Behind the Scenes
Honoring the hidden heroes of our past can start right now.
Who Is My COVID-19 Neighbor?
The only way to beat the coronavirus in the US is to beat it everywhere. Can we really save the whole world?
Our July/August Issue: Tragedy's Many Angles
When it takes more than one story to tell a story.
Our Jan/Feb Issue: What Are Book Awards Good For?
Guiding the invisible hand of publishing economics.
Our July/August Issue: Put a Ring on It?
The future of marriage may depend on good marriages.
Our July/Aug Issue: The Upside of Disruption
How unwelcome change can lead to a fuller life.
Immigrants Are Reshaping American Missions
Latino congregations are launching their own international partnerships to support ministries and churches in their homelands.
Our June Issue: Modern Manhood
Navigating men’s ministry in uncertain times.
Our December Issue: Peace on Earth
We could all use a little this Advent season.
Can Haiti Be Revived?
The struggle for justice receives a boost from Christian ministries.
Our September Issue: Go West, Young Scholar
The church’s complex relationship with the classics.
Is Your Trip Tourism or Missions?
After years of debate, the line is blurrier than ever.
Our January/February Issue: Fighting FOMO
How fear of missing out fuels our overextended lives, and why the South Pole holds clues to the solution.
Our September Issue: Nothing to Hide
How much power do secrets hold over the Christian?
Abolitionism at the Tipping Point
Slavery has been around since before Moses, but International Justice Mission’s president thinks its demise is only decades away.
Our November Issue: Church of Work
Yes, work matters. But our quest for belonging in the office is often misguided.

Top Story January 18, 2021

It’s Not Enough to Preach Racial Justice. We Need to Champion Policy Change.
It’s Not Enough to Preach Racial Justice. We Need to Champion Policy Change.
The legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. reminds us to push past tweetable quotes and ‘big talk’ to practice true Christlike love.

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