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Christians Call for India's Prime Minister and Government to Resign in Wake of Scandal
Web site releases tapes of party president taking bribes from men posing as arms dealers.
New Delhi Center Dedicated to Princess Di's Wish to End 'Stigma' of Leprosy
$1.43 million center aimed at education and media
Plans to Resolve India's Interfaith Tensions Face Delays and Accusations
Did India's National Commission for Minorities plan meeting to discredit Christians?
Pakistan's Christians Demand End to 'Religious Apartheid' at Polls
Election system allows religious minorities to vote only for candidates of their own faith.
A Chinese Model for India's Churches?
No thank you, say Indian Christians to Hindu proposal for government church regulation.
Two Women Added to India's Lutheran Clergy
Growing numbers of women are being ordained in many national denominations.
Pakistani Christians Fight Against 'Apartheid' in Election System
"Under rule, citizens cannot vote for candidates outside their own religious affiliation."
In Sri Lanka's No Man's Land Churches Provide Some Hope for Refugees
Christians mobilize to help nearly a million left homeless by Tamil conflict
Churches Welcome Pakistan Promise to Ease Restrictions on Minority Faiths
October coup turns out to be beneficial to Christians as blasphemy laws are overhauled
Soaking in Blood—Again
Sri Lankan violence costs 1,000 lives. Relief efforts set back.
Indian Christians 'Living in Terror,' Rights Groups Report
Accusations against priest lead to intense conversion pressure in Rajasthan
Build Bridges but Fight Fanaticism India's Churches Told
National Council of Churches in India will also work against strengthening of caste system.
Nun Admits Cruel Treatment of Children
One of Mother Teresa's order burned children who were accused of stealing.
India's Quake Survivors Need Counseling
Earthquake survivors are desperate for more than material aid, Indian bishop warns
Man-Made Disaster
In Sri Lanka, money abounds, but fighting halts tsunami reconstruction.
Dalit Christians Debut New Strategy in India Election
New political party in new state takes stand for lowest caste, while court fight for more rights remains stalled.
Health Workers Urge Indian Churches to Join Campaign Against AIDS
The Christian Medical Association of India fights the social stigma that accompanies the disease.
'Our Fears Have Come True' Says Pakistani Bishop After Massacre in Church
At least sixteen parishioners killed after gunmen storm a Sunday service.
New Delhi Conference Condemns 'Immense Suffering' in Caste System
National Campaign for Dalit Human Rights plans to appeal to United Nations.
"In Southern India, Orthodox Priest Has Communist Support in State Election"
"Popular priest says he's independent despite strange bedfellows, but many Christians are wary."

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