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Churches Hope to Reunite India's Legacy of the Apostle ThomasSubscriber Access Only
St. Thomas Christians similar, despite being Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Protestant.
Build Bridges but Fight Fanaticism India's Churches ToldSubscriber Access Only
National Council of Churches in India will also work against strengthening of caste system.
"Despite Tensions, Indian Churches Agree to Talks With Hindu Groups"Subscriber Access Only
"Mainline churches will join talks, but other Christians say partisan meeting is dangerous."
Study of Indian Clergy Exposes Inequalities in Church LeadershipSubscriber Access Only
Many low-caste and rural Indians are Christians, but few have positions of influence within the church.
Nepal Christians Return to Worship after Earthquake Turns Churches into TombsSubscriber Access Only
Evangelicals bear brunt of Christian deaths.
Indian Churches Protest 'Price Tag' for Christian ConversionSubscriber Access Only
Orissa ordering official permission, fees to change religion
Churches Have Not Worked to End Dowry PracticeSubscriber Access Only
India's women are seen as less valuable than men in a society that supports bride burnings and suicide.
Law Could Curb Foreign Donations To Churches, Indian Christians WorrySubscriber Access Only
Stringent legislation is aimed at cutting off terrorist funding, but could hurt non-government organizations.
Pakistani Christians Fight Against 'Apartheid' in Election SystemSubscriber Access Only
"Under rule, citizens cannot vote for candidates outside their own religious affiliation."
Catholic Protesters Make Language an Issue in Choice of Indian BishopSubscriber Access Only
Retiring Archbishop says the campaign is the work of only a handful of people.
German Aid Official Kidnapped in IndiaSubscriber Access Only
Insurgent group says development worker abducted for interrogation and not for ransom.
Car Accident Takes Lives of Two Indian Bishops and Their DriverSubscriber Access Only
President of the National Council of Churches in India, moderator of the Church of North India killed instantly.
Sri Lanka to Investigate Attack on Evangelical ChurchSubscriber Access Only
Buddhist fervor for tradition and anger at Christian evangelism boils over in church assault.
Churches Rescue Thailand's Sex Tourism WorkersSubscriber Access Only
Protestants and Catholics work against $2.2 billion industry
Dead Space: Christians Demand Burial Land in Crowded KathmanduSubscriber Access Only
Nepal's Supreme Court due to rule Monday on Christian and Hindu lawsuits.
Christians Say Sikh Book Threatens Centuries of Harmony Between FaithsSubscriber Access Only
"Author arrested on three counts, including derogatory language."
Indian Church Steps Up Education Programs To Deal With Threat Of AIDSSubscriber Access Only
Ten percent of those living with AIDS live in India
India's First Dalit Archbishop Holds 'No Grudge' Over Predecessor's AttackSubscriber Access Only
Once untouchable Dalits make up bulk of country's Christians
Daily Life in the Maluku Islands: Chaos Fear and the Threat of ViolenceSubscriber Access Only
Christians plead for international monitoring to prevent Jihad raids, and more aid for refugees.
Indian Church Leaders Plead For Dialogue to Resolve Tension with PakistanSubscriber Access Only
Dispute follows last month's storming of the Indian parliament complex
My Journey from Castro to Christ
My Journey from Castro to Christ
After fleeing Cuba, my family was barely surviving. Then a California church gave us a new lease on life.
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