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After the Revolution
Conservatives won the welfare debate. Are churches stepping up to the challenge?
Atheism: O'Hair's Stepchildren Regroup
Partial-Birth Abortion: States Approving Bans on Partial-Birth Abortion
Lawmakers are no longer waiting on federal bill.
White House Scandal Sparks Church Dialogue
Oregon: From Cult Site to Teen Camp
Anything that can go right will, Young Life discovers
U.S. Ally Jails House-Church Leaders
More than a dozen Christians imprisoned in Saudi Arabia since last summer
Hospice Care Hijacked?
A bottom-line, cost-efficient mentality obscures the movement's original Christian vision.
Nonprofits: The Myth of the Needy Child?
Newspaper expose finds the promise of some child-sponsorship programs falls short.
More PK Downsizing
McCartney admits staff morale problem.
Ned Graham’s Woes Shake East Gates
Resignations follow allegations, divorce
One Church, Two Faiths
Will the Episcopal Church survive the fight over homosexuality?
The Hard-Won Lessons of Terror and Persecution
Overseas Christians reflect on painful experiences
Can Foster Care Be Fixed?
Churches partner with parents to care for at-risk children.
Congress: Justice Delayed
Sudan Peace Act may be a casualty of the war on terrorism.
Homosexual Rights Initiative Fails
Homosexual Rights Initiative Fails

Top Story November 30, 2020

Where Are the Other Fake Fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls?
Where Are the Other Fake Fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls?
Sixteen forgeries have been discovered so far in the collections of unsuspecting evangelicals. Experts have suspicions about many more.

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