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Jailed Sudanese Priests Reject presidential AmnestySubscriber Access Only
Clerics waiting for 'total acquittal' by courts
Egyptian Security Police Threaten Torture Local ChristianSubscriber Access Only
Coptic Orthodox layman targeted for alleged evangelism activities.
Christmas Season Tense for Pakistan's ChristiansSubscriber Access Only
Separate murders follow Bahawalpur massacre.
Yemen Court Sentences Somali Convert to DeathSubscriber Access Only
Former Muslim given one week to recant Christianity or face execution.
Pakistan Sentences Another Christian to DeathSubscriber Access Only
Now two on death row, five appealing life sentences
Turkey's Protestants Face Wave of AttacksSubscriber Access Only
Anti-missionary threats turn violent.
Turkey Wants to Keep American Pastor Behind Bars for Life
American officials and supporters say Andrew Brunson has been “unjustly imprisoned” under false charges.
Kidnapped Girl from Grozny Church FoundSubscriber Access Only
Refugees from Chechnya take in abused child
Two Pakistani Christians Sentenced to 35 Years in PrisonSubscriber Access Only
Musharraf retracts new blasphemy law policy in wake of protests.
Egyptian Court Convicts Christian Village of MurderSubscriber Access Only
Shaiboub Arsal Given Maximum 15-Year Sentence
Pakistan: Christian Principal Accused of BlasphemySubscriber Access Only
33-year-old Pakistani Presbyterian faces death penalty if convicted.
Two Filipino Christians BeheadedSubscriber Access Only
Two Filipino Christians Beheaded
Egypt Jails Christian for Three Years for 'Insulting IslamSubscriber Access Only
'Extremely harsh judgment' for El-Kosheh Copt to be appealed.
Egyptian Court Releases All 89 El-Kosheh DefendantsSubscriber Access Only
Muslim murder suspects all set free without bail.
Karachi Police Defy Pakistan High CourtSubscriber Access Only
Christian massacre survivor released from custody, detained, and then released again
Blasphemy Case Registered Against Young Pakistani HusbandSubscriber Access Only
First test of military government's new judicial curb
Riyadh Police Raid Christian Worship ServiceSubscriber Access Only
Ten Adults, Five Children Arrested; Engineer Still Detained from Previous Arrest
Saudi Arabia Keeps Four Christians Under ArrestSubscriber Access Only
Wives and children released after two weeks
Turkey Offers to Free Jailed American Pastor in Clergy Swap
Andrew Brunson used as leverage to get US to extradite exiled Muslim leader Fethullah Gülen.
Azerbaijan Courts Order Christian Expatriates DeportedSubscriber Access Only
Ousters Still Pending for Eight Foreigners in Baku.
Knowing God’s Love is Impossible
Knowing God’s Love is Impossible
At least for us. But for God, nothing is impossible.
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