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The Pandemic in Prison
You can’t lock it up without letting it loose.
Shaming Can’t Fix Racism. But Guilt Can.
Guilt is about action with a clear path to redemption. Shame leaves us stuck in our sin.
A vergonha não pode consertar o racismo. Mas a culpa pode.
Culpa é sobre ação com um caminho claro para a redenção. A vergonha nos deixa presos em nossos pecados.
QAnon Is a Wolf in Wolf’s Clothing
There’s nothing sheepish about this insidious internet demon.
Seven Deadly Sins, One Presidential Election
Pride, envy, greed, and the rest all rear their heads for 2020.
The Supreme Court Isn’t All Powerful
When it comes to religious liberty, culture matters more than judicial rulings.
Politics as a Strange Rite
Even Jesus was tempted with political power.
White, Black, and Blue: Christians Disagree Over Policing
Black Christians overwhelmingly say police treatment is biased against them. Why don’t white evangelicals believe them?
Say a Prayer for the President
Politics don’t matter when it comes to lifting up our leaders.
Little Christs or Little Caesars
Faithfulness is not easy for the politically powerful.
Confessing Complicity in Systemic Sin
Why do I repent if it’s not my fault?
No Job, No Friends, No Faith
The coming wave of "deaths of despair."
In Christ, It’s ‘Yes In My Backyard’
Cyprian of Carthage offers caution against the “suburban lifestyle dream.”
Religious Liberty as Bondage
Freedom can be another word for everything to lose.
Politics Has a Strong Grip on Our Hearts. The Gospel’s Grip Should Be Stronger.
How the church can shape public policy without losing its soul.
O Antigo Testamento grita contra a cultura do cancelamento
A Bíblia apresenta personagens imperfeitos, chamados para fazer a vontade do Senhor.
The Virus Breaks the Camel’s Back
Saudi Arabia and civil war ravaged Yemen. And now this.
Death Can Still Sting
By fighting to save physical lives, the church imitates Christ.
Juneteenth: A Truer Independence Day
The official end of slavery in America more fully embraces the self-evident truth of all people as created equal.
The Old Testament Calls Out Cancel Culture
The Bible features flawed characters called to do the will of the Lord.

Top Story October 25, 2020

Died: Luci Swindoll, Who Believed in God’s Grace and Being Herself
Died: Luci Swindoll, Who Believed in God’s Grace and Being Herself
Woman of Faith speaker celebrated life of singleness.

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