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Quiet TimeSubscriber Access Only
It took almost two decades for director Philip Gröning to get permission to film France's Carthusian monks, but the resulting documentary, Into Great Silence, is a powerful spiritual experience.
CoralineSubscriber Access Only
An inquisitive girl unlocks a mysterious door and discovers a parallel reality to her own—only seemingly better. But is it too perfect to be true?
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9Subscriber Access Only
In a post-apocalyptic world, a band of sentient rag dolls must evade an onslaught of mechanical beasts out to steal their souls and any future for humankind.
The Lovely BonesSubscriber Access Only
Style wins out over substance in this story of a murdered girl and the heavenly vantage point from which she continues to observe her killer on earth.
The InternationalSubscriber Access Only
An Interpol agent and a DA try to bring down a corrupt financial institution in this schizophrenic failure that wants to be both a suspense thriller and action film—and fails at both.
The Hurt LockerSubscriber Access Only
In the best (and most torturously tense) Iraq war movie yet made, we are given front-row seats for all the heroism and hell that is modern warfare.
The Blind SideSubscriber Access Only
Based on a true story, this is a surprisingly moving and inspirational tale of Christian compassion, self-discovery, and hope.
Shoot 'Em UpSubscriber Access Only
Resurrecting IntegritySubscriber Access Only
Rod Lurie, director of Resurrecting the Champ, is a West Point grad who emphasizes ethics—especially honesty and integrity—in his movies.
Tortilla HeavenSubscriber Access Only
The Merry GentlemanSubscriber Access Only
A contract killer and an abused housewife strike up an unlikely friendship in a story of guilt, grace and everything that falls in between.
Ghost TownSubscriber Access Only
Race to Witch MountainSubscriber Access Only
A pair of alien children hook up with a cab driver to save the planet in this incompetently made film that insults kids' intelligence—and the adults who brought them.
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Are you a Fan?
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British Evangelicals Brace for Brexit
British Evangelicals Brace for Brexit
Politics remain divisive, but churches seek unity in prayer.
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