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Is Persecution Good for the Church?
Sometimes it isn't.
The Best Books of 1999
Behold the Power of Cheese
A dispatch from the Christian Booksellers Association
Harder than Anyone Can Imagine
Four working pastors—Latino, Asian, black, and white—respond to the bracing thesis of United by Faith.
Should We Ban Boxing?
The usual arguments against the "sweet science" cut many ways.
Anselm, Pope Benedict XVI, and Us
Why the medieval theologian is as contemporary as ever—and a blessing to evangelicals.
Creating a Tear-Jerker Ending
Donald Miller hints at what to expect from his upcoming book.
Christ at the Center
Michael Horton says we need to once again let our lives and churches be driven by the gospel.
The Relentless Passion of Francis Chan
The best-selling author and church planter is not easily satisfied with the church or himself.
Letting Pastors Be Real
Dale Pyne says when we put pastors on a pedestal, they’re more likely to topple.
The Millenial Book Awards
A review of end-times books with only a wee, little bit of Y2K hype thrown in.
Discipleship by Numbers
A pretty effective formula for small souls (like mine).
Spectating As a Spiritual Discipline
For those who have eyes to watch, let them watch something more than highlight films.
Glocal Church Ministry
Bob Roberts has an idea that may change American congregations, if not the world.
Prayer Scandals
Prayer is an encounter with the living God.
'We Are Not Commanded To Be a Docent in the Art Museum. We Are Commanded To Love the Poor.'
World Vision president Richard Stearns says the greatest sin of our generation is apathy.
Recovering from 'The Year of Living Biblically'
Author A. J. Jacobs talks with CT about becoming a minor celebrity in the Christian world.
Why Did Jesus Choose the Cross?
The reason he died a bloody, horrible death.
New & Noteworthy: Church History
Recent and important releases that will shape evangelical thought

Top Story January 25, 2021

Gambia’s Christians Take a Stand in the Public Square
Gambia’s Christians Take a Stand in the Public Square
After generations of avoiding politics, believers come together to work and pray for the nation’s future.

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