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Our Geopolitical MomentSubscriber Access Only
Walter Russell Mead argues that evangelicals have a crucial role to play in American foreign affairs.
Born-again StoriesSubscriber Access Only
The Love ShackSubscriber Access Only
William Paul Young explains the theology behind his best-selling novels and why he's no longer at war with himself.
Recovering from 'The Year of Living Biblically'Subscriber Access Only
Author A. J. Jacobs talks with CT about becoming a minor celebrity in the Christian world.
Harder than Anyone Can ImagineSubscriber Access Only
Four working pastors—Latino, Asian, black, and white—respond to the bracing thesis of United by Faith.
The Relentless Passion of Francis ChanSubscriber Access Only
The best-selling author and church planter is not easily satisfied with the church or himself.
The Millenial Book AwardsSubscriber Access Only
A review of end-times books with only a wee, little bit of Y2K hype thrown in.
In Summary:Christianity and PoliticsSubscriber Access Only
Recent and important releases that will shape evangelical thought.
The Giant StorySubscriber Access Only
Rob Bell on why he talks about the Good News the way he does.
Commander and Chaplain: The Faith of PresidentsSubscriber Access Only
Gary Scott Smith explores how faith has influenced presidential policies.
New and Noteworthy: TheologySubscriber Access Only
Recent and important releases that will shape evangelical thought
Single (Issue) MindedSubscriber Access Only
World's Joel Belz criticizes Christianity Today for an editorial we never published—and never would.
Hospitality IncarnateSubscriber Access Only
Eugene Peterson lives what he teaches.
Something Noble and GoodSubscriber Access Only
Professional sports is often boring, but real sports is not.
More than Saving SoulsSubscriber Access Only
Simon Chan on the ontology of the church, salvation, and liturgy.
Unexpected DialogueSubscriber Access Only
Why is a former Chinese official talking to Luis Palau?
The Chinese Church's Delicate DanceSubscriber Access Only
A conversation with the head of the Protestant Three-Self Patriotic Movement.
Revoice’s Founder Answers the LGBT Conference’s Critics
Orientation is not necessarily sexual, Nate Collins says.
The Best Books of 1999Subscriber Access Only

Top Story February 25, 2020

Black Theology Sings of Freedom
Black Theology Sings of Freedom
To be black and to be Christian is to remember the brutality of our experience and the brilliance of our resistance.

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