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In Summary:Christianity and Politics
Recent and important releases that will shape evangelical thought.
Perennial Diet Wars
Spirituality for All the Wrong Reasons
Eugene Peterson talks about lies and illusions that destroy the church.
Punches, Smashes, and Bombs
Boxing gives us a window into the violence inherent in all sports.
The Lovely Paradox of NFL Draft Day
It's an event of biblical proportions—and wisdom.
The Giant Story
Rob Bell on why he talks about the Good News the way he does.
Loving Muslims One at a Time
The 'Vicar of Baghdad' says the key to Muslim-Christian relations is very personal.
Commander and Chaplain: The Faith of Presidents
Gary Scott Smith explores how faith has influenced presidential policies.
Max Lucado Goes Overboard on Grace
It's one of those things you don't want to moderate despite the risks, he says.
Did Andy Stanley Really Mean Obama Is 'Pastor in Chief'?
The Atlanta megachurch pastor speaks about his pre-inauguration sermon and reaction to it.
New & Noteworthy: Church History
Recent and important releases that will shape evangelical thought
Something Noble and Good
Professional sports is often boring, but real sports is not.
More than Saving Souls
Simon Chan on the ontology of the church, salvation, and liturgy.
Shaping Holy Disciples
Mark Dever says church discipline is not about punishment or self-help.
Our Geopolitical Moment
Walter Russell Mead argues that evangelicals have a crucial role to play in American foreign affairs.
Unexpected Dialogue
Why is a former Chinese official talking to Luis Palau?
String Theory and Heaven
Author Dinesh D'Souza says new scientific thinking bolsters the case for life after death.
The Freedom and Chaos of Sola Scriptura
Historian Mark Noll helps unravel the uses and misuses of ‘the Bible alone.’
The Chinese Church's Delicate Dance
A conversation with the head of the Protestant Three-Self Patriotic Movement.

Top Story October 20, 2020

How Culture Shapes Sermons
How Culture Shapes Sermons
Recent books on culturally distinct preaching challenge misconceptions and equip diverse pastors to better address a multiethnic world.

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