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Tashkent Christian Threatened with Two-Year Prison Term
Nukus church registration blocked by Uzbek authorities
Renewed Attacks on Christians
Christians continue to suffer in Sri Lanka
Christians See Official Recognition of Voodoo as Ominous
They fear Aristide plans to renew 200-year national pact with the devil.
'Dangerous' Chinese Bill Is Thwarted
Article 23 would have automatically banned Hong Kong groups now outlawed on the mainland
Four Christians Released By Saudi Authorities
One detained Filipino still waiting for employer's guarantee
Pakistan: Military Leader Backpeddles on Human Rights Decision
Jesus Film Ire
Two Christians murdered apparently for showing the movie.
The Price of Protest
Chinese police beat hundreds during church demolition.
Tortured to Death in Eritrea
Fourth Protestant in a year killed by government forces.
Christian Politician in Pakistan Almost Loses Job Because of Muslim ID
Legislator says national database misidentifies him as Muslim because of his name, but database refuses to correct his ID.
House Pastors Jailed in New Crackdown
Christians Jailed, Abused, Deported
Christians Jailed, Abused, Deported
Turkmen Authorities Fine Release Baptist Pastor
After 12-Day Imprisonment, Tashov is Fined a Month's Salary.
Belgium: Deported as 'Illegal'
Officials expel four Assemblies of God volunteers.
A Precarious Step Forward
Loosened rules in Russia may mean better times for religious freedom.
Turkmen Secret Police Deports Baptist Couple
More expulsions expected as efforts continue to stop 'illegal' religious activity
Turkey Releases Jailed Christians After 30 Days
Witnesses admit gendarmarie pressured them to sign complaints
Shari'ah Spreads
Islamic laws creep into half of Indonesia's provinces.
A Victory in Vietnam
Officials permit massive outdoor Easter gathering for house churches.
China’s Leaders Critical of ’Clandestine’ Missions

Top Story September 23, 2020

Thai Church Holds Record-Breaking Baptism Despite COVID-19
Thai Church Holds Record-Breaking Baptism Despite COVID-19
“We believe it is the merciful hand of God to allow the gospel to spread at this crucial time.”

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