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New Coptic Church Forcibly Closed
Undue Attention in Algeria
An Islamic nation decides to enforce its worship restrictions after all.
Fault Line of Faith
Six pastors killed, 40 churches razed in Jos's most recent violence.
Bhutan Budges
Buddhist nation will likely legalize Christianity.
Sudan, Nigeria Rise Most in 2011 Persecution Rankings
Open Doors’ 2012 World Watch List ranks countries where Christians suffered in 2011.
Pakistan: Military Leader Backpeddles on Human Rights Decision
Christian Politician in Pakistan Almost Loses Job Because of Muslim ID
Legislator says national database misidentifies him as Muslim because of his name, but database refuses to correct his ID.
Qatar: Religious Freedom Gains New Foothold
Catholic church established in principle.
Vietnam Jams Hmong Christian Radio Broadcasts
Government tries to curb spread of Protestant Christianity along Chinese border.
Second Thoughts
Groups reconsider their presence after another killing in Afghanistan.
A Problematic Peace Accord
Christians in Swat Valley brace for Taliban rule.
Islamic Gunmen Kill Christian Aid Workers in Pakistan
World Vision worker says militants dragged his colleagues into room and executed them.
Anti-Christian Backlash After South Sudan’s Secession
Churches attacked and threatened with demolition as Bashir reiterates promise to make Sudan strictly Islamic.
China’s Leaders Critical of ’Clandestine’ Missions
Nigeria: Churches Challenge Islamic Law
Christians plan to take shari'a to court.
Whose Law in Afghanistan?
High-profile apostasy case highlights legal contradictions.
Surprise! You're a Muslim!
Brief conversions can be a family affair for generations.
Religious Freedom Act: One Year Later
Little progress seen so far, but advocates see hope for future
Radicals Rejected
Orissa Christians breathe easier after election defeat of Hindu extremists.
Iran Parliament Requires Death for 'Apostates' As Crackdown Continues
Son of 1990 martyr among Christians arrested last month.

Top Story September 23, 2020

Thai Church Holds Record-Breaking Baptism Despite COVID-19
Thai Church Holds Record-Breaking Baptism Despite COVID-19
“We believe it is the merciful hand of God to allow the gospel to spread at this crucial time.”

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