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An Easter Without Going to Church
The pandemic has laid an egg on our worship.
The 144 Million and Counting
A historic election turnout augurs well for American democracy. But there is greater truth than voting can determine.
On MLK Day, Be Still and Listen
Hearing each other is a miracle. We need to practice receiving it as such.
The Better Good News on Political Division
The “extreme middle” is shaped like a cross.
Baseball, Trashcans, Signs, and Numbers
Why Moses struck out during spring training.
To Those Who’ve Lost Loved Ones
Faith is the gravity of grief, the ground of ultimate reality.
Mark Galli: Your Spiritual Dry Spell Is God’s Fertile Ground
Loving the Lord depends less on personal feelings and more on practice, says the former editor in chief of Christianity Today.
John Ortberg and the Pitfalls of Pastoral Discernment
When we consent to our calling as ministers of the gospel, we assent to be public imitators of all it proclaims.
Keep Calm and Reboot
The Christian disciplines of self-suspicion, forgiveness, and hope all function well. We need to restart our faith in them.
The 30-Day Leviticus Challenge
One church's experiment in living the most arcane book of the Bible.
Our May/June Issue: Life of the Body
Jesus is present in his people, even the socially distanced ones.
Jesus Is the Light of the Lockdown
2020 has drawn us closer to our human frailty. May it also draws us to the Incarnation.
Post-Contemporary Worship
The Dangers that Epiphany Reveals
Lessons from the Magi on being simultaneously threatened and “overwhelmed by joy.”
Real Love Requires a Command
Strangers and enemies don't come naturally.
N. T. Wright: We Mourned Our Alleluias on Easter
The prominent theologian responds to his Time article on lament.
Black Faith Matters
“Do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul.” Matthew 10:28
Christianity Is About Systemic Change
Why we need the one in whom all things hold together.
Our November Issue: An Ocean of Need
How can we care for the sick when we don’t have the cash?

Top Story November 29, 2020

Where Are the Other Fake Fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls?
Where Are the Other Fake Fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls?
Sixteen forgeries have been discovered so far in the collections of unsuspecting evangelicals. Experts have suspicions about many more.

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