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'Jesus and Paul': Looking at a Journalistic Approach to Christianity's Beginnings
A full review of ABC's Jesus and Paul: The Word and the Witness
Seeing Light After the Smoky Darkness of the Trade Towers Collapse
The spiritual war against terrorism is the war against the sinful heart and its allegiances
Roots Matter
Defending the faith in today's cultural climate means not only knowing our Bible but also knowing our history.
Evangelical Views of the 2016 Election: "There are No 'Must' Candidates!" -Darrell Bock
Professor of New Testament Studies articulates the dilemma many Christians face in this election cycle
Jesus v. Sanhedrin
Why Jesus "lost" his trial.
When Sin Reigns
An event like this shows us what humans are capable of becoming—both as children of darkness and of light
ARTICLE: Charting Dispensationalism
Christ's Confident Resolve
What Jesus' arrest and trial can teach us about facing opposition.

Top Story November 30, 2020

How to Fake a Fragment of the Dead Sea Scrolls
How to Fake a Fragment of the Dead Sea Scrolls
And other things you wanted to ask an expert in forged biblical antiquities.

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