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Risky Business
News Hound Heaven
Butt Out
It's high time we saved children from the tobacco industry.
The Journalist in the Sedan Chair
Latest Books by CT Staff
On issues from foster care to the future of missions. Christianity Today staff have been writing for more than the magazine
American (and Un-American) Idols
Sacrificing community at the altar of freedom
Avoiding Rights Talk
An interview with David Koyzis, author of Political Visions & Illusions
Chinese Puzzle
Things are changing for China's church
Connecting Colson's Dots
Being the Body ties together Charles Colson's varied strands of advocacy
Getting Western Civ Right
"Christian theology is the catalyst, not the brake, for progress in Western history"
A Time to Mourn
Dave Hemstreet was a CTI number cruncher who discerned God's hand and listened for his voice
Creating Husbands and Fathers
The discussion of gender roles moves beyond 'proof-text poker.'
Raising Up Fathers
An interview with Maggie Gallagher
Operation Human Rights
How evangelicals got outside their comfort zone to help the oppressed overseas.
Mission-Driven Faith
An interview with Thomas Oden and J.I. Packer
Getting the Word Out
An exhibit at the Huntington Library shows how Bibles big and small gave power to the people
Back from Bulgaria
BOOKS: Possessed by the Spirit of the Age
Chuck Colson's prophetic first novel.
EDITORIAL: The Road to Orthodoxy
The post-Armstrong Worldwide Church of God's commendable journey of faith.
Follow the Money

Top Story November 23, 2020

For Pilgrims, Thanksgiving Was a Way of Life
For Pilgrims, Thanksgiving Was a Way of Life
The commemoration we recognize each year came out of a deep view of providence and everyday gratitude to God.

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