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Judging the Justices
Yes, the judiciary is usurping the powers of the people, but talk of revolution is alarmist.
Straight Arrow
Straight Arrow
The Oprahcizing of American Politics
Like everything else in our culture, the political process has been turned into a consumer commodity.
The Great Translation Debate
The divide over gender-inclusive Bibles hides what unites us.
Something Retro
Visible Man
Chris Rice speaks frankly about building cross-racial relationships
The Editor Who Helped Save Christianity Today
Remembering Ken Kantzer
A Holy Nuisance
J.I. Packer has strong words for those who don't feel called to agitate for reform
The Ethics of Desert Storm
What Christianity Today said during the U.S.'s first war with Iraq
Don't Read the Bible 'Alone'
Christopher Hall talks about how evangelicals should approach the church fathers
Inside CT: Coming Attractions
Movies, magazines, and critics
'I Thirst'
A meditation on one of the last words of Christ.
Still Writing After All These Years
Liberator of the West
Aside from stumbling over John, Thomas Cahill's assessment of the historical Jesus is surprisingly sane.
One in Six Adults Has Changed Their Religion
An imperfect God, no news on the Burnhams, and other articles from around the world
Survival Through Community
An interview with Charles Colson, author of Being the Body
Changes and Challenges
Honoring Pioneers
The early missionaries to Korea serve as examples to modern-day ones.

Top Story February 27, 2021

And Campaign to Add 13 New Chapters During Pandemic
And Campaign to Add 13 New Chapters During Pandemic
Political tensions and growing racial awareness have fueled interest in its message of social justice and biblical morality.

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