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Christians, Jews Form Coalition
CONVERSATIONS: Bringing the Jews to Jesus
Tuvya Zaretsky argues that only Y'shua has the credentials to bring peace to the Middle East.
Tens of Thousands of Indonesian Christians Flee Homes as Muslims AttackSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Burying the cloning ban in a big hole, rescuing the Burnhams, criticizing modern missions, and other stories.
The Name-Tag TestSubscriber Access Only
And other notable lines from Decoding the Church
Editor's BookshelfSubscriber Access Only
Hurt, Hate, and HealingSubscriber Access Only
A 1985 interview with Lewis Smedes
Great Places to Work
There is indeed much to praise and imitate in Christian companies
Fighting Within and Fears Without
Darrell Bock thinks theologians should have a mission
You Can't Keep a Justified Man DownSubscriber Access Only
An interview with N.T. Wright, author of The Resurrection of the Son of God.
'We Live What We Believe'
Luke Timothy Johnson talks about the importance of the creed—even for non-creedal Christians
The Church's Hidden Jewishness
Hebrew thinking in a Greek world
Inside CT: The IV Connection
InterVarsity campus work hits home at Christianity Today
Inside CT: The Cure of Gay Souls
Pastoral care of gay people in our congregations cannot wait.
China Arrests Dozens of Prominent ChristiansSubscriber Access Only
At least 50 detained in fresh crackdown on house churches, reportedly promoted by new video and book releases.
Listening to the Critics
The Editor Who Cancelled His Subscription
Gorbachev and GodSubscriber Access Only
In visit to the Crystal Cathedral, former Soviet leader won't say he doesn't believe.
Post-Election Faith at Work
The next four years will not be a cake-walk for the pro-life, pro-family cause.
Hunting the Big Gazelle
Why Rick Warren may succeed where others failed.
The Culture of Me
Moral values are fostered by shared community values.

Top Story April 8, 2020

Coronavirus Searches Lead Millions to Hear About Jesus
Coronavirus Searches Lead Millions to Hear About Jesus
Tens of thousands have clicked to pray for salvation since the outbreak. Is the increase temporary or a harbinger of greater gospel witness online?

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