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Ben HeppnerSubscriber Access Only
The acclaimed dramatic tenor speaks about getting into opera, his faith, and P.O.D.
Nancy GuthrieSubscriber Access Only
Two years after sharing her story of Hope with Christianity Today, the modern Job tells of losing another child to Zellweger Syndrome
Frederica Mathewes-GreenSubscriber Access Only
The author of Facing East and The Illumined Heart talks about her spiritual journey and transformation
Ruth TuckerSubscriber Access Only
The professor and author of Walking Away from Faith talks about doubting God
Brennan Manning on Ruthless TrustSubscriber Access Only
Many Christians are still afraid to let God love them as they truly are, says the former priest, sober alcoholic, and author.
Why Don Richardson Says There's No 'Peace Child' for IslamSubscriber Access Only
The author and missionary says he has tried to find bridge-building opportunities with Islam, but failed.
Jim Van Yperen on Church ConflictsSubscriber Access Only
The author of Making Peace: A Guide to Overcoming Church Conflict says the early church was also full of problems.
Why God Is Like JazzSubscriber Access Only
"Donald Miller, author of Blue Like Jazz, talks about why Christians need writers who honestly deal with their faults and why penguin sex is an apt metaphor for believing in Christ"
The Long War About ScienceSubscriber Access Only
"Larry Witham, the author of Where Darwin Meets the Bible and By Design, talks about faith, science, and how the battle has evolved."
Carmen Renee Berry's Unabashedly Consumerist Handbook to EcclesiologySubscriber Access Only
The author of The Unauthorized Guide to Choosing a Church helps seekers find their best congregational fit.
John Eldredge Is Wild at HeartSubscriber Access Only
The author of Wild at Heart and The Sacred Romance discusses rediscovering the Gospel through a ransomed heart.
Gordon Smith Hears the Voice of JesusSubscriber Access Only
The author of The Voice of Jesus talks about listening to God with discernment
Walter Wangerin Finds God EverywhereSubscriber Access Only
The author of The Book of God discusses his newest novel, an ancient story, yet relevant today.
Craig Detweiler Finds Faith in FilmSubscriber Access Only
The co-author of A Matrix of Meanings talks about spirituality on screen.
Steve Wilkens Loves Bad Christians and PagansSubscriber Access Only
The author of Good Ideas from Questionable Christians and Outright Pagans believes Christians can learn a lot from skeptics and non-Christians.
William Dembski's RevolutionSubscriber Access Only
The author of Intelligent Design set out to answer the toughest questions about the movement he helped promote.
Tom Wright Comments for EveryoneSubscriber Access Only
The author of the Christian Origins and the Question of God series is also writing a commentary series for the masses.
Moving into the 'HoodSubscriber Access Only
In God's Neighborhood, Scott Roley says Jesus relocated to be with us, so we ought to do the same.
Calvin MillerSubscriber Access Only
The author of Jesus Loves Me: Celebrating the Profound Truths of a Simple Hymn talks about childlike faith
David BrooksSubscriber Access Only
The Weekly Standard senior editor talks about the spiritual life of Bobos

Top Story July 7, 2020

Welcome to Christian Camps’ Weirdest, Hardest Summer
Welcome to Christian Camps’ Weirdest, Hardest Summer
More than a hundred sites have called off their peak season, while others reduced and reimagined their staple programs.

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