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Calvin Miller on a Southern Baptist's View of AdventSubscriber Access Only
The author of The Christ of Christmas celebrates the season around the one great miracle
Ben HeppnerSubscriber Access Only
The acclaimed dramatic tenor speaks about getting into opera, his faith, and P.O.D.
R.C. Sproul’s TestimonySubscriber Access Only
The theologian talks about how he met Jesus and why playing the violin is like reading the Bible
Eddie Gibbs Reconsiders Gen X ChurchesSubscriber Access Only
The author of Church Next and Fuller's professor of church growth says his views on church leadership have grown
John SloanSubscriber Access Only
The author of The Barnabas Way says Christians need to kiss more frogs and reconsider their prayers for blessings
John PolkinghorneSubscriber Access Only
The 2002 Templeton Prize winner sees the Bible as the laboratory notebook of the Holy Spirit.
Oliver SacksSubscriber Access Only
"The physician author of Awakenings talks about his Orthodox Jewish upbringing, order in the universe, and testing God"
Francis Bok Is Proof that Slavery Still ExistsSubscriber Access Only
"After spending 10 years in slavery, the young Sudanese man is telling his story to the world"
Why Frederica Mathewes-Green Loves IconsSubscriber Access Only
"Yes, we ask the saints to pray for us, she says. They are still living members of the church after all."
Winning People, Not ArgumentsSubscriber Access Only
John Stackhouse discusses the evangelistic need for humble apologetics
Remembering Francis of Assisi, the Crazy GeniusSubscriber Access Only
CT managing editor Mark Galli finds someone who lived the Sermon on the Mount
Calvin MillerSubscriber Access Only
The author of Jesus Loves Me: Celebrating the Profound Truths of a Simple Hymn talks about childlike faith
David BrooksSubscriber Access Only
The Weekly Standard senior editor talks about the spiritual life of Bobos
Morton KondrackeSubscriber Access Only
The political commentator talks about being saved from alcoholism, and trying to save his wife from the ravages of Parkinson's
Francine RiversSubscriber Access Only
The fiction writer says she starts each book with a question that she doesn't know the answer to. God provides the ending
Dick Staub Interview: Finding God in the QuestionsSubscriber Access Only
ABC News Medical Editor, Dr. Timothy Johnson, decided to rethink his faith and found God by asking questions.
Jerry Jenkins's Solo ApocalypseSubscriber Access Only
"His new novel, Soon, imagines a world where religion, blamed for war, is banned"
Stephen L. CarterSubscriber Access Only
The Yale University law professor and author of The Emperor of Ocean Park talks about the lack of religious characters in modern fiction
Why We Are Drawn to The MatrixSubscriber Access Only
Chris Seay, coauthor of The Gospel Reloaded, says the first movie was about finding belief and the second looks at walking that path
Dick Staub Interview: Art Lindsley Says Truth Is True—and AbsoluteSubscriber Access Only
The author of True Truth believes Christians shouldn't be post-modern, modern, relativist, or absolutist.
US Religion Census Maps Changing Churches, Declining Denominations
US Religion Census Maps Changing Churches, Declining DenominationsSubscriber Access Only
The 2020 project shows shifting complexity of organized religion.
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