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Dispatch: Gay Rites Would Not Bless EcumenismSubscriber Access Only
Could also impair Anglican work overseas
Laughing with EvangelicalsSubscriber Access Only
Joel Kilpatrick of satirizes only the ones he loves.
N.T. Wright: Anglican Report Is 'Fireproofing the House'Subscriber Access Only
Top theologian on Lambeth Commission talks about what happened behind the scenes, whether the report should have been tougher, and why it's critical of some conservative bishops.
Cooling off Gay AgendaSubscriber Access Only
PCUSA conservatives turn back liberal challenges
Dispatch: Deputies Slice into the Gordian KnotSubscriber Access Only
The Episcopal Church's House of Deputies approves Gene Robinson as New Hampshire Bishop. The House of Bishops will vote today.
Florida Bishop Defies Episcopal Church HeadSubscriber Access Only
The consecration of a new bishop becomes the latest battleground between Frank Griswold and the American Anglican Council
Episcopal Church: No Balm in DenverSubscriber Access Only
Episcopalians defer debate over same-sex blessings for another three years.
Rock & Roll ApologeticsSubscriber Access Only
New and noteworthy books on the Beatles, hate, and other subjects.
Seeing Both SidesSubscriber Access Only
Reaching the Left from the Right tells conservative evangelicals how to build bridges.
Ecumenism: Back to the Drawing Board for Ecumenism?Subscriber Access Only
Some clergy resist Lutheran-Episcopal concordat.
Babylon upon a Hill?Subscriber Access Only
Religious thinkers debate how America should use its unrivaled influence
Second-Best Kid Lit EverSubscriber Access Only
John Granger considers the Potter series the best thing since The Chronicles of Narnia.
Dispatch: The Bitter Harvest of Sexual IdeologySubscriber Access Only
No one wanted the Gene Robinson bishopric debate to take this sad turn
Neopagan Pity PartySubscriber Access Only
A cable-TV film treats the Arthurian legend as a canvas for goddess worshipers
Dispatch: Integrity Doles Out God's Not-So Inclusive LoveSubscriber Access Only
The Integrity Eucharist has become a triennial sort of mass pity party.
Resolved: Conventions Are HellSubscriber Access Only
Ten truths that can help reformers survive (and thrive) at annual denominational meetings
Pluralist ImpotenceSubscriber Access Only
Robert Wuthnow examines why religion fails to change American society.
Dispatch: To My Episcopal FamilySubscriber Access Only
Final thoughts from the Episcopal Church's General Convention
Rap's Demon-SlayerSubscriber Access Only
T-Bone brings hip-hop swagger to spiritual warfare
Characters on StringsSubscriber Access Only
David Simpich's marionettes learn that their lives are controlled by a force from above
British Evangelicals Brace for Brexit
British Evangelicals Brace for Brexit
Politics remain divisive, but churches seek unity in prayer.
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