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Blog ... The Devil Wants You To
Why the uber-bloggers encourage fasting from their task
How We Forgot the Holiness of God
He may not be cruel and capricious. But don't pretend he isn't dangerous.
Explainer: Postmodernism
Is it more than "truth is relative"?
Ministry, Underinflated
What counts as a ministry cheat?
Why Churches Lose Their Way
Joe Thorn discusses how congregations can rediscover the biblical basis of who they are and what they’re called to do.
'I Never Wanted a Hard Heart'
Indie rocker David Bazan talks about his loss of faith, his music, and how he sometimes fears he's going to hell.
The Leavers: Young Doubters Exit the Church
More than in previous generations, 20- and 30- somethings are abandoning the faith. Why?
The Red Bull Gospel
It takes more than pizza and video games to give young people a faith that endures.
Prepare for a Shock
The Resurrection is cause for celebration, but it should always shake us up a little too.
Why We Need Plumbers—and Pastors
It's essential to affirm all callings, even pastoral ones.
How Transparent Should You Be?
Authenticity is a balancing act.
Three Views: How Can Churches Reach Nominal Believers Before They Become 'Nones'?
Experts discuss how to prevent nominal Christians from leaving the faith.
The Trench Versus the Stage
The most effective ministry doesn't always happen in the spotlight.
Unlikely Opportunities for Ministry
Sometimes we look too hard for a way to serve.
Busting Myths About Christianity
How the church can defend the faith.
Better than Imagined
An interview with Jonathan Merritt.
Conozca a un pastor fracasado que ministra a otros pastores fracasados
J. R. Briggs se dirige a los líderes de la iglesia que no colman las expectativas.
The Op-Ed (Oprah Edited)
Theologically edited java jacket quotes. That is all.
Getting to 'Aha'
Kyle Idleman discusses three phases of transformation.

Top Story October 30, 2020

Your Preaching Is Not God’s Work. You Are God’s Work.
Your Preaching Is Not God’s Work. You Are God’s Work.
How inner transformation shapes outward proclamation.

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